The five most beautiful shooting spots in Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt in Austria is one of the world's top ten most beautiful towns and also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located in the central-northern part of Austria, about 73km away from the famous city of Salzburg. The town is surrounded by picturesque mountains and situated by the emerald-like Hallstatt Lake. The houses in the town are mostly built on the slopes of the mountains, and almost every house is a lakeside room with a view of the lake! The combination of the lake and mountains creates a heavenly scenery. So, where is the best place to take photos?

Best spots for photographing postcards

Other towns may also have beautiful scenery to shoot, but this shooting location is one of the few that can easily capture all the landmarks. It is about 300 meters away from the city center, the journey is easy, and it is quite easy to reach on foot. There's no need to worry about getting lost because there's just one lakeside road, starting from the pier and walking along it.

Catholic church cemetery

The Habsburg has two churches, the Catholic Church (Katholische Pfarre) on the cliff and the Lutheran Church (Evangelische Pfarrkirche) by the lake. Cross the cemetery of the Catholic Church, the outer path can capture the iconic top of the church. Despite the presence of a whole group of tourists taking photos, we still managed to take good pictures.

Skywalk viewing platform corner

There are two options to get to the Skywalk platform: 1. Take the cable car; 2. Hike the mountain trail (slippery in winter, please be fully prepared before going up the mountain).

Harbor Ferry

The view of Hallstatt from the lake is also fantastic. In winter, there are no boats available for rowing, but you can take a ferry from Hallstatt to Obertraun on the opposite bank. Generally, tourists without cars would take the train to Obertraun and then take a boat to Hallstatt, so don't miss the chance to walk to the deck and enjoy the scenery.

Skywalk hiking trail

The hiking trail is right next to the cable car, on the right side facing the entrance. In winter, it is slippery with snow and ice, and the trail has steep slopes. Be sure to wear hiking shoes (we wore Timberland hiking shoes, which were okay but still a bit slippery). Otherwise, it's easy to slip and get stuck halfway.