Laos' three must-try local dishes that are popular among both locals and foreigners

Those who have been to Laos know that the cuisine here has its own unique features. Here is a recommended list of three places to satisfy your food cravings!

Laos grilled meat, the highlight is the view and the road to the restaurant, of course the food itself is also great, cocktails are buy one get one free. Average cost: 100,000 KIP per person.
Southeast Asian cuisine with some Western dishes. It's a very classy restaurant with appetizers, mains and desserts. However, reservations are required and we immediately booked a table for the next evening when we found it that night. Average price per person: 140,000 KIP.

Manda De Laos

Traditional Laotian cuisine. You have to walk 10 minutes away from the main street, so the environment is quiet enough. The dishes here are exquisite. If you like Southeast Asian flavors, it is worth a try. From drinks to dishes, everything is high-end. Average cost per person: 150,000 KIP.
The coffee shop in Wanrong算 is clean and secluded. NBC news is playing on the TV. Enjoying a large slice of cake and a rich caramel Laotian iced coffee, spending a leisurely afternoon.

Peeping Som's Restaurant

Easy to find on the main street. If you have a taste for Chinese food, you'll find familiar flavors here. This is also a "Youth" restaurant, but it's not just Lao barbecue anymore as they also offer Sichuan hotpot.