Chinese restaurants frequently visited by local Chinese in Budapest

With the increasing number of international students and immigrants, Chinese cuisine in Hungary is no longer just a simple fusion of Chinese and Western fast food. The authentic and tasteful Chinese cuisine with a decent environment has gradually become the mainstream recognized by everyone. So, where can people go to eat Chinese food in Budapest now? We have selected several Chinese restaurants that have opened in recent years as a reference. Of course, the recommended dishes are very subjective, so please choose according to your own taste.

Xiang Man Lou

The Xiangmanlou is another branch opened by the owner of the famous Budapest Chinese restaurant Ding Ding Xiang. Compared to the Ding Ding Xiang, which is praised by foreigners and Chinese alike, Xiangmanlou is more tailored to the tastes of Chinese people. It is located in the Europe Square where there is a high concentration of Chinese people (Chinese market), and the prices are also more affordable than Ding Ding Xiang. Recommended dishes: Spicy and Sour Chicken with Pickled Cabbage and Braised Old Duck (numbing and spicy, you have to taste it to know).


Han Ge is located by the Danube River, near the University of Cologne, it can be reached by tram line 2. Han Ge specializes in Sichuan cuisine and offers a comfortable environment with authentic flavors. Some interesting dishes can change the misconception that Sichuan cuisine is only spicy. It is suitable for small gatherings or inviting foreign friends to experience authentic Chinese flavors. Recommended dishes: Chongqing spicy chicken, Sichuan style cold noodles, sweet roasted white, mushroom king soup, fragrant lamb cubes.


Tangcheng is located in the 13th district of Budapest, specializing in Northeastern cuisine. It also offers various dishes from around the world, such as roasted lamb leg, spicy field chicken, and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. The owner's principle is "no cost spared," so the portions are large and the ingredients are authentic. Recommended dishes include traditional Northeastern cuisine such as Guobaorou (Crispy Pork in Sweet and Sour Sauce), Northeastern-style La Pi, and Pork with Sauerkraut and Vermicelli, as well as various fish dishes, roasted lamb leg/lamb chops, and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.
This is a magical shop, and the decoration has aroused everyone's appetite. The name and style of the shop are also very distinctive. It is said that the owner wants to open a store for the four classics. As the saying goes, "there's no problem that can't be solved by having some skewers". Moreover, there are large weapons such as the Green Dragon Blade, the Heaven and Earth Halberd, and the Eighteen Snake Spear hanging on the walls of the shop, highlighting the characteristic of winning people over with virtue. Recommended dish: grilled skewers.