Siem Reap SPA Guide

When you come to Southeast Asia for a vacation, you must experience a comfortable and affordable leisure experience - spa. When you come to Siem Reap, you cannot miss this activity, especially after a day of running around in the "stone piles". Choose a spa that suits you, which can relieve fatigue and relax your body and mind. As a travel experience expert who has tried many local activities in Siem Reap, let me give you some tips on local spas in Siem Reap!

BODIA SPA Old Market

Bodia can be considered a "national treasure" brand in Cambodia. Even airports and shops have its counters to sell some of its skincare products. Bodia comes from the last five letters of "Cambodia" in Cambodian English and means "the light of Cambodia." Bodia Spa has three branches, one in the capital Phnom Penh and two in Siem Reap. Its location near the Old Market is very convenient, and there are many Chinese tourists who come here every day. Therefore, this store is often crowded, and queues and unavailable appointments are common.

Sokkhak (Soka Spa)

Sokha Spa is a specialized Spa store under the Sokha brand, with two branches near the old market. One of them is located beside the popular restaurant Chanrey Tree, which is also from Sokha brand, by the Siem Reap River. The decor of the store is very stylish, and the unique and simple decoration style will impress customers at first sight.

Samathi Spa

Shamati Spa, located at the entrance of a bustling commercial district, is very popular among European and American tourists. The Khmer-style architecture gives visitors a strong historical vibe upon entering. The spa offers various types of therapy, but the spa packages are the most popular. Compared to the other two spas, the biggest advantage of Shamati Spa is the smaller number of customers and a quieter environment, but the service and technique of the therapists are just as impressive. Trying the sun repair and rejuvenation package here is also a great choice for those who have spent the day exploring Angkor Wat.