A hidden Cambodian foodie guide, listing the local's favorite trendy restaurants

Food seems to be a universal language and serves as a window for us to understand a local culture. Often, people say that the food in Siem Reap is not good, but I think you might have eaten at the wrong places. We have a group of local drivers and guides who enthusiastically recommend their favorite restaurants to guests. Before visiting Cambodia, guests often ask what delicious food can be found there. I spent a month eating at local restaurants and trying street food in Siem Reap based on their recommendations, and I have compiled this hidden foodie guide to share with you all!

The most famous internet celebrity restaurant in the local area, where Beckham himself visited, is often crowded with long queues. The food in this restaurant is exquisite and attentive, both the traditional Cambodian-style dishes and the Western-style dishes have exceptional tastes. Food lovers must not miss it.
A restaurant with excellent dining environment and flavor. The price may be relatively high compared to other restaurants, but the exquisite dishes, unique taste, and elegant environment definitely justify the cost. Dining here is not only to experience the temptation of food, but also a visual and spiritual enjoyment.

Tang Kitchen Chinatown Kitchen

A famous local Chinese restaurant, if you can't get used to the local food, you must go to Tangren Kitchen and try it. Their taste and cooking methods are very traditional Chinese.
Traditional Khmer restaurant accompanied by fairy dance performance is the best experience after a tiring day, suitable for families and groups. The dining environment is very nice, and the dance performance is presented by professional actors to showcase Khmer art. The restaurant's cuisine is carefully prepared by experienced Khmer chefs for guests and is absolutely fantastic. A great choice to enjoy lunch while watching traditional performances!

Koulen II Restaurant

Lychee Restaurant, located opposite Lucky Mall, is one of the most cost-effective buffet restaurants in the area. While enjoying a delicious buffet, you can also watch fairy dances, making it a popular destination for many tour groups. With traditional Khmer cuisine as the main focus, there are dozens of dishes to choose from. It is a great place to experience local culture and enjoy good food.

Zodiac Restaurant (Sichuan Self-service Hotpot)

Most local Cambodian food has a light flavor and a heavy sweetness, which many Chinese people cannot tolerate. Therefore, a Sichuan hotpot is the best comfort for tourists who are far away from home. In Cambodia, there are tourists from both the north and the south, and northerners mostly prefer noodle dishes while southerners love rice. However, there is one food that everyone loves, and that is hotpot, which is famous for its "one pot, a hundred flavors, and five flavors of life". The Sichuan hotpot at the ZODIAC restaurant, located just opposite the Paris Hotel in Siem Reap, has captured the hearts of one group after another with its spicy and fragrant taste. Being able to enjoy a fragrant and spicy hotpot in a foreign land is something that makes people truly excited.

Srey Kouch Soup

How can you miss Cambodia's own hot pot if you love traditional Chinese hot pot from Beijing and spicy hot pot from Sichuan? Asians are very enthusiastic about Shabu-Shabu and barbecue, and the people here are no exception. What's impressive is that they combine Shabu-Shabu and barbecue, using a special steel hot pot to turn the ingredients into a delicious dish that Cambodians love. When you come to a street stall here, ordering a table of delicious "Niu Shang Shan" is the most authentic way to experience the Cambodian style.
Cambodian seafood is known for its high quality and affordable price. The large prawns and crabs are fresh with plenty of meat and are reasonably priced, making it a great culinary experience in Cambodia. Of course, good ingredients need a skilled chef, and the chefs at seafood restaurants here are not ordinary. They not only master Southeast Asian cooking techniques to perfection, but also incorporate Chinese flavors, leaving even the most discerning food lovers with nothing to complain about.

Bugs Cafe

High alert! Fried insects are a local high-protein snack, such as fried spiders, fried water snakes, fried water cockroaches and so on. Many people enjoy taking photos, but who dares to eat them? Come and see for yourself. I gathered my courage to taste the fried locust, and it was crispy and delicious.