Encountering the charm of European culture in the museum

In Hungary, you can freely visit world-class art treasures in major art galleries and museums.

The Hungarian National Gallery

Located in Buda Castle, the Hungarian National Gallery is one of Hungary's largest public art collections. It showcases a diverse range of thematic and historical exhibitions, showcasing artworks from different periods in Hungarian history. With thousands of precious art pieces, including sculptures, murals, paintings, manuscripts, and sketches, the gallery provides visitors with a spectacular visual feast. If you want to delve into Hungarian culture and art, this is a must-visit place!

Hermitage Museum

Hévíz Manor, located near Lake Balaton, is one of Hungary's famous castle buildings. Here, you can not only admire the magnificent manor architecture, but also stroll through the beautiful manor gardens and experience the fragrance of aristocracy. Moreover, you can select a fine horse, ride in a luxury carriage, and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the nobility. If you want to learn about Hungarian history and culture, Hévíz Manor is a great destination.

Vasa Museum

The Vasarely Museum is located in the center of Pécs and is one of the most outstanding museums showcasing the works of Victor Vasarely, a representative figure of Hungarian Op Art. It displays a large collection of Victor Vasarely's works, including large-sized unique paintings, murals, and sculptures. Visitors can experience the breathtaking visual effects created by Victor Vasarely and appreciate the unique charm of Op Art. Whether you are an art enthusiast or interested in Op Art, the Vasarely Museum is worth a visit.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MoMA)

The Művészetek Palace is located in Debrecen, Hungary, 230 kilometers away from Budapest. It showcases the works of Hungarian and international artists from the 20th century to the present. The collection includes modern and contemporary art, as well as the renowned Antal Lusztig art collection, one of Hungary's most esteemed collections of modern and contemporary art. If you have a strong interest in contemporary art, the Művészetek Palace is a must-visit destination.