Three exquisite towns, three different Eastern European styles

The Danube River flows through more than ten countries in Europe, including Hungary. Along the way, there are breathtaking landscapes and many beautiful charming towns waiting for tourists to explore.


Esztergom is a beautiful ancient city located on a hill on the Danube River Bay, facing Slovakia across the river. This town has been very important in Hungarian history as it was once the capital and Catholic center of Hungary. According to the tour guide, Saint Stephen led the entire nation to believe in Catholicism, gaining support from Western countries and laying the foundation for Hungary's development. Saint Stephen was also the country's first king. Esztergom exudes a comfortable charm and is definitely worth a visit.


Szentendre, located on the Danube River in Hungary, is a small town that beautifully combines history and art. Despite being less than 20 kilometers away from Budapest, it has a completely different atmosphere. Visitors can explore numerous art galleries, artist studios, and commemorative museums, as well as stroll through the charming old town filled with countryside charm. The town of Szentendre is also renowned for its unique exhibitions and music events. It is definitely worth spending a day to visit this town of unique charm.

Saint Andrew (Shandan Dan)

Szentendre is a small town in Hungary, full of artistic atmosphere and a famous tourist destination. The houses here are colorful, reminiscent of the Mediterranean style. Walking along the streets of the town, you can see rows of old European-style buildings and Serbian houses, which have now become many unique shops and cafes. It is said that Szentendre is a gathering place for Hungarian artists and the birthplace of the Renaissance. Because the name Szentendre sounds very similar to "shān dāndān" in Chinese, Chinese tourists also use this name to refer to it. If you also like the artistic and fresh atmosphere, Szentendre is definitely a place worth exploring.