Tracing the footsteps of the Norwegian town - will make you fall in love with it completely!

Norway's natural landscapes and mesmerizing surreal charm are truly awe-inspiring and highly appealing. Globally renowned for its world-class breathtaking beauty, Norway is hailed as one of the most ideal tourist destinations in Europe. Picture-perfect towns built along fjords on multiple islands exude a rich Nordic cultural vibe. Additionally, Norway boasts numerous picturesque coastal harbors, making it one of the most enchanting places to indulge in a paradise-like world of poetry and art.


Lillehammer is a small town surrounded by the Norwegian mountains, with magnificent views of the Lågen River and Mjøsa Lake. The town gained fame for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics and boasts numerous 19th-century wooden buildings that are breathtaking to behold. Storgata is the town's central shopping street and a must-visit for tourists. Maihaugen is the largest open-air museum in Northern Europe, featuring around 200 buildings showcasing Norway's history and culture. Additionally, Lillehammer has excellent winter sports facilities and is home to a famous ski resort that attracts many sports enthusiasts. Whether you're a culture seeker or an outdoor sports enthusiast, Lillehammer is a tourist destination worth visiting.

Undredal village

Undredal village is a beautiful and unique small village famous for its cheese production. You can taste the high-quality cheese produced locally in the cheese restaurants and cafes. In addition, the scenery of the village is very charming, with white wooden houses and red roofs contrasting with the steep mountains and verdant forests around, forming a beautiful landscape. From the village, you can also hike in the Undredal Gorge and experience the magnificent natural beauty of Norway. In this peaceful small village, you can feel the rich culture and beautiful nature of Norway.


Haugesund boasts a range of stunning natural landscapes and cultural heritage. During summer, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and spectacular views of the fjord region, and explore the "Fjord Tour" centered in Haugesund to take in the breathtaking scenery. In the town center, many beautiful Norwegian traditional buildings and modern art works such as the Hans Sculpture Park can be admired. Visitors can also tour Haugesund Castle and the Haraldshaugen Royal Burial Site. Haugesund is the perfect blend of modern and traditional, making it the perfect tourist destination.


Hastad is a beautiful town with many historical sites worth visiting. The most famous of these is the Hastad Castle, a medieval castle nearly 800 years old that was once a palace of the Norwegian kings. In addition, there are many spectacular natural landscapes around the town, such as Norway's largest waterfall, the Låtefossen waterfall, and the Hastad Mountain, which is great for hiking and exploration. There are also many restaurants and bars that offer local specialties like seafood and beer.