An unmissable floral spectacle in the Netherlands

Long long ago, in the mountains of Kazakhstan, Persia, China and Turkey, there was a flower that could not grow anywhere. Until one day, a Dutch scientist brought flower bulbs to a small European country with a climate and soil suitable for flower growth. People quickly fell in love with this flower, and it soon became the symbol of the country. This may sound like a fairy tale, but it is the true history of tulips.

Museum Van Loon

Every year on the third weekend of June, the Van Loon Museum holds a Garden Open Day event. During this weekend, over 25 gardens located behind canal houses will be open to the public. These gardens are the most beautiful in Amsterdam and are hidden behind the grand canal houses all year round. Only on Amsterdam Garden Open Day can you freely wander through them.

Keukenhof Park

The Netherlands is famous for its tulips. The best time to visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands is April and May. During this time, the world's largest flower garden - Keukenhof park is open to the public. Keukenhof park plants over 7 million bulbs each year and showcases a variety of flowers including tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, and lilies, among others. The colors and fragrance here will completely capture your attention.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

The Tulip Museum in Amsterdam is located in the Jordaan district and is founded and sponsored by a local flower bulb company. The museum provides a comprehensive overview of the history of tulips in the Netherlands, highlighting the tulip frenzy of the Dutch Golden Age in the mid-17th century and the astonishing economic impact of tulips. The museum was initially established to support the widespread tulip festivals and sales activities in the Dutch countryside and provide historical background.

Leiden Botanical Garden

Leiden University Botanical Garden is located in the city of Leiden and is the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. It is also the historical and cultural center of the city. The garden is home to numerous plant species from Asia, Southern Europe, and South Africa, making it a magical place. Over the past four centuries, Leiden University Botanical Garden has been dedicated to collecting plants from all over the world and conducting research on them. In this historic Japanese-style garden, there are blooming roses and lush vegetation everywhere. The garden is home to over 10,000 plant species and is also a habitat for many bird species.