Austria is suitable for everyone's spa center: the whole family loves it, enjoying deep relaxation and great fun

Family vacations are considered successful when everyone feels comfortable and happy. Parents can relax in the hot springs and sauna rooms, while children can enjoy themselves on water slides and have fun in wave pools. Of course, during winter vacations, enjoying hot springs as a family is an absolutely not-to-be-missed experience!

Therme St. Kathrein

Immerse in water, dive in, and resurface. Therme St. Kathrein offers people the opportunity to enjoy and relax in water with its diverse spa landscapes, whether they are young or old, in summer or winter. The water paradise in the adventure area of St. Kathrein thermal baths provides perfect bathing pleasure for families and young people.

2. Amade Spa Experience

This water park complex offers indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a circular slide, and a spa center with 7 saunas. At Erlebnis-Therme Amadé, you can experience fun and relaxation with your family, enjoying unique slides and themed saunas. It provides an opportunity for parents to relax and for children to have fun and engage in activities, ensuring everyone has a memorable health experience. The diverse bathing and sauna landscapes make Erlebnis-Therme Amadé a true paradise: you can relax in the saltwater pool or swim in the sports pool with a climbing wall and diving boards. Here, everyone can enjoy additional relaxation, fun, and adventure experiences.

3. Erlebnistherme Zillertal: Adventure Thermal Baths Zillertal

At the entrance of the Ziller Valley, Erlebnistherme is a beloved place that allows you to experience a world of adventure and happiness at the same time. You will see children splashing and cheering happily from the slides, and in the wave pool, you will almost feel like you are on a beach. This is a vibrant, energetic, and relaxing place where you can enjoy a day full of exercise, games, and relaxation.

4. Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg

At Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg, we promise 100% water fun for babies, children, and parents! You can trust us to provide the world's longest VR slide, numerous adventure pools spanning 1000 square meters, saunas designed specifically for infants and children, as well as adult water therapy, health, and massage services, ensuring a successful family vacation for you.