Must-visit museums in Salzburg, Austria!

Mozart's birthplace, Salzburg, is a European small town full of romantic elements, attracting the heart of many tourists. If you want to learn about this charming city, you must start exploring from its museums! There are many rich and interesting museums waiting for your visit. Take this museum list and create wonderful memories in Salzburg right away!

Mozart's birthplace

Mozart's Birthplace is located at Getreidegasse 9 in Salzburg, Austria. The six-story yellow building witnessed the birth of the musical genius Mozart on January 27, 1756. Currently, the first to third floors of the birthplace are open to visitors. Here, you can learn about Mozart's upbringing, including how he grew up, when he started learning music, his relationship with his family, and his passion for opera. Additionally, you can visit the rooms of Mozart's family, admire the exhibited historical instruments, documents, portraits, and precious exhibits such as letters from the Mozart family.

Salzburg Museum

Salzburg Museum Highlight: Was named European Museum of the Year~ The Salzburg Museum is located in the old town area of Salzburg city center and is an important historical and cultural museum in the region. The museum's exhibits include the local history, traditional customs, ancient furniture and household items of Salzburg, as well as precious photographs and more. Here, you can delve into the history and cultural heritage of Salzburg.

Toy Museum

Toy Museum Salzburg Highlights: This is the largest toy museum in Austria! The toys here are not just for display, but for you to play with. The museum provides plenty of space for you to have fun, so come and explore the world of children with your kids!

Panorama Museum

Panorama Museum. Highlights: Exhibits "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" showcasing the local life over 200 years ago. Spectacular 26-meter, 130-square-meter circular painting by J.M. Sattler displays the landscapes of Salzburg and its surrounding areas. Visitors can observe the residents' daily life details through telescopes. It provides an interesting and tranquil experience, feeling like traveling back more than a hundred years to witness the city's past.

5. Salzburg Museum of Natural History

Haus der Natur Salzburg Highlight: The aquarium in the museum is one of the most beautiful aquariums in Central Europe. The Natural History Museum of Salzburg is located in the old town of Salzburg and is the largest natural history exhibition hall in the region. The museum displays various specimens and models of marine organisms, and it is highly recommended to visit the Oceanarium, where many fish species with Nordic characteristics are showcased.