Visit the historical ruins in Antalya city

Antalya is a cultural ancient city that has stood for thousands of years and still stands today, immersing people in a rich historical atmosphere. Located on the southern coast of Turkey, this city is a cultural crossroads between Europe and Asia, with a long and brilliant history. When history and modernity intertwine, it is truly dazzling. Follow the recommendations in this article to gradually unravel the mysteries of this city's history.

Aspendos Amphitheatre

Aspendos Ancient Theater is located about 40 kilometers east of Antalya, built in 155 AD, and is one of the most historically valuable theaters in Turkey. Although it has suffered from erosion and man-made damage for more than 2,000 years, it still remains spectacular and almost intact to this day. Every summer from June to July, various concerts and stage plays are held here irregularly, attracting numerous music enthusiasts and cultural tourists to come and watch.

Antalya Clock Tower

This clock tower is located at the entrance of the old city area of Antalya and is a representative symbol of the city. Visitors can use it to confirm their location. Although this fortress-like clock tower is not very tall, its distinct edges exude classical beauty.

Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate is the main entrance to the old city of Antalya. This marble gate is famous for its three exquisitely carved arches and slender columns, and parts of the ancient city walls still surround it. Today, Hadrian's Gate is part of the city's architecture and has become a landmark for many family-run hotels in the old town.

Kareqi Historic District

The Kaleici district of Antalya is located in the old town area, and the completeness of its historic streets is stunning. Here, many magnificent Ottoman buildings have been preserved, many of which have been renovated and converted into hotels or inns. In addition, there are shops selling carpets and souvenirs in the Kaleici district. If you are looking for tourist attractions in the Kaleici district, the quiet alleys in the northern part of the district, especially those near the Karaalioglu Park, are sure to leave a deep impression on you.

Pargg ancient city ruins

This scenic area is an ancient cultural hub, preserving buildings and historical relics that have lasted for thousands of years. Visitors can enjoy the splendor and grandeur of millennia-old architecture, as well as explore the ruins of Roman baths from two thousand years ago. A stroll through this scenic area allows one to truly feel the historical atmosphere and cultural heritage.

Atatürk Memorial Monument

In the Republic Square in the center of Antalya, stands a solemn and charming monument - the Atatürk Memorial. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey and the first president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, made tremendous contributions to Turkey's independence and national construction. Therefore, this monument often attracts people to come and lay flowers to express their admiration and nostalgia for this great leader.