Enjoy the carnival in Italy in February

In February, Italy can be felt everywhere the atmosphere of carnival, full of colorful masks, confetti and lanterns, and unique costumes. This festival evolved from the extravagant feast before Christian Lent, which originally lasted until the day before Ash Wednesday, but now most celebrate a few days before Lent. In this festival, masks eliminate age and identity differences, while young people become important figures and the elderly continue to pursue a youthful image. These changes make everyone forget the differences of race and culture and become a celebration of self-subversion~

Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival is one of the oldest and largest celebrations in the world, and it is unique for its extravagant masks and costumes. Here, nobles and commoners don masks and come together, leveling the social classes and sharing mutual respect and communication. The masks obscure differences in gender, race, and religion, allowing everyone to blend into the festivities. Ultimately, everyone's thoughts are liberated and they celebrate Carnival together.

Viareggio Carnival

The small town of Viareggio in Tuscany is home to the annual Carnival celebration, one of the most famous carnivals in Europe and Italy. The carnival features events such as float parades and costume processions. Children dressed in medieval-style costumes accompanied by their parents throw flowers on the streets, adding to the charm. Dozens of massive floats slowly pass by amid cheers, while humorous displays on the floats bring forth more cheers. This grand celebration attracts visitors from all over the world and locals from all over Italy with its unique and innovative content.

Prudiano Carnival

Putignano Carnival, as one of the oldest carnivals in European history, showcases its unique festival culture. People dance and sing, giving life more color. In the city square, dozens of dialect poets take turns performing satirical poetry, shocking the audience. In addition, huge parade vehicles parade on city streets, and different styles of mask wearers make the carnival more lively. Participants can also taste local specialties and enjoy the unlimited joy of the festival.

Archirelai Carnival

This is known as the "most beautiful carnival in Sicily" with a history of more than half a century. During the festival, there will be lantern and float parades in the city center, attracting thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year to experience the festival feast. Due to its popularity, another carnival will also be held in August on this beautiful island of Sicily to attract more tourists to experience the enthusiasm and charm of Sicily.