The German music festival hotter than summer

Germany is a country of music, with numerous classic music festivals and performances, catering to every genre from symphony to modern electronic music. Music is not only art and performance on this land, but also a part of German culture. Every year, music festivals attract people from all over the world, bringing their passion for travel and love for music, immersing themselves in the ocean of music together~


Every July, Rudolstadt, located in the state of Thuringia, Germany, holds the largest music festival in Germany, covering various music genres such as folk, jazz, and world music. This four-day celebration attracts over 90,000 spectators. In addition to enjoying the wonderful music, there are also exciting acrobatics and dance performances, as well as a variety of unique street artists. Whether you are a music lover or a traveler looking to experience a unique artistic atmosphere, you can find your own joy at this music festival.


Every summer, a small town in Germany called Gräfenhainichen flourishes with a highly anticipated music festival called MELT! Despite being overlooked the rest of the year, thousands of music lovers flock to this town to attend the festival. MELT! Music Festival incorporates various music genres, including hardcore, punk, electronic, and more, with a different lineup each year. The diversity and uniqueness of the music make this small town catch the attention of many people.

Cox's Bazar

The highly anticipated Deichbrand music festival will be held in late July every year at Cox Port in northern Germany. The festival will feature numerous well-known bands such as Die Toten Hosen, Casper, and Killerpilze, bringing a feast of hard rock, punk, and hip-hop music to the audience. Typically, more than 50,000 spectators participate to enjoy this grand music extravaganza.

Weeze Airport

Parookaville Festival is a very young music event that brings a unique electronic music atmosphere to music fans in Germany and around the world. Starting in 2015, the festival takes place at Weeze Airport, located on the Germany-Netherlands border, which used to be a former Royal Air Force base. Every year in late July, Parookaville Festival arrives as scheduled, competing with Belgium's Tomorrowland Festival. It is a paradise for electronic music lovers and a must-attend event if you want to experience the latest and hottest electronic music.