Experience the most exciting nightlife in Berlin

Numerous leisure spots, unique nightlife, and vibrant bar culture make Berlin a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. In this city that never sleeps, whether you are a party-goer or a music enthusiast, regardless of your preferences, age, or budget, almost everyone can find an entertainment venue that suits them. If you want to experience Berlin's bar culture and romantic nightlife, here are a few places for you to check out.

Berghain Betke club

The office building in Berlin East Station is home to the world's number one nightclub, the Berghain Club, with a maximum capacity of 1,500 people. Here, you can enjoy various genres of music, an 18-meter high dance floor, unique bars, as well as luxurious decorations like a panoramic view of the building. These unique designs attract a large number of night owls every night.

Sage Club

Different DJs in Sage Club perform different styles of music every night, attracting various crowds. Thursday is the traditional alternative rock night, while the weekends are the main scene for hip-hop, house, and techno music. No matter which style you prefer, here you can satisfy your musical taste. Come and witness the DJ's charm and spend a wonderful night with the charismatic crowd.

Watergate Club

This nightclub is highly acclaimed for its superb location near the Spey River. Customers not only enjoy the delightful river view here but also experience the luxurious and opulent interior design. The spacious hall and the "Water Floor" corridor filled with flowing elements create a unique top-notch atmosphere, exuding a captivating charm.