Snowfield fireworks show, instantly illuminating the night sky of Niigata

When it comes to Niigata Prefecture in Japan, you naturally think of skiing, hot springs, rice, sake, and so on. These elements are representative symbols of Niigata. However, when you visit Niigata in winter, skiing is not the only option. There are fireworks shows as well. It is very impressive and worth seeing when the snow-covered fields are decorated with vibrant colors and the night sky is adorned with a dazzling display.

New Greenpia Resort: Kongming Lantern and Winter Fireworks Dance

Every winter, the New Greenpia resort in Niigata Prefecture holds a sky lantern event until March 31. Except on March 11th, there will be fireworks show every Saturday, making the already beautiful snow lanterns even more dazzling. The combination of sky lanterns and winter fireworks is a unique spectacle in the snowy fields.

Winter Fantasy of Nagao Fireworks

Winter Fantasy, part of the Changgang Fireworks festival, is one of the winter fireworks events in Niigata, Japan. It is held between the end of December and March, attracting countless tourists to come and enjoy the show. Under the magnificent starry sky, Winter Fantasy will hold three spectacular performances, totaling 1,500 fireworks, igniting the night sky with beautiful and brilliant light, creating a dreamy visual feast. In addition, there are food and drink booths on site, where visitors can taste local specialties and hot drinks, making the entire event even more warm and romantic.

Nagao Yuki SHIKA festival

The Nagao Yuki SHIKA Festival is a winter event held in the Nagao area of Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Its history dates back almost a hundred years and it is an important winter cultural event in the area. During the festival, residents set up various colorful lights, bamboo frames, and large sculptures outdoors, which are vividly lifelike and resemble real deer. One cannot miss the breathtakingly beautiful scene when professional teams set off fireworks for 20 minutes on the snowy ground at nightfall.

Echigo Kawaguchi Snow Cave Firefly Festival

The Echigo Kawaguchi Yukidokoro Hotaru Matsuri festival is known for its fascinating fireworks and spectacular snow caves. Every year in mid-February, local residents dig snow caves of different sizes in the local snow and light mosquito coils inside that emit faint light to attract fireflies that appear after the snow melts, creating a magical sight. In addition, the festival also includes various activities such as fireworks displays, food, folk performances and musical performances. Echigo Kawaguchi Yukidokoro Hotaru Matsuri is a special tourist destination that allows visitors to experience the harshness and beauty of winter, and it is also an excellent place to showcase Japanese culture and history.

Yanzexue Spectrum Sacrifice

Yanze Yukihymn Festival is a very special winter holiday, aimed at commemorating the famous Edo period writer Suzuki Bokushi. His compilation "Hokuetsu Yukihymn" records the traditional production and culture of the Yanze region, including textiles, snow country life, and culture. This festival is held in the snow, and visitors can delve deep into the local history and culture, as well as enjoy beautiful fireflies and exciting fireworks performances. In addition, tourists can also taste local cuisine and specialties and experience the unique beauty and charm of Japanese winters.

"The corridor of the lamp"

In the districts of Azuka, Oshima, Urakawara, Maki, Takatsuchi, and Naritsu in Uonuma city, Niigata Prefecture, a grand event is held every year where approximately 100,000 candles are lit along the streets. In this beautiful event, residents of all ages, from children to the elderly, gather their wishes on each candle. Visitors can enjoy the warmth of the snowy world in a tranquil atmosphere. On the day of the event, various sizes of snow sculptures will be created at different locations, and multiple food stalls will be set up for visitors to taste local cuisine.