Where can I watch traditional Kabuki?

Kabuki is a unique traditional theatrical art form in Japan, and is considered as an important part of Japanese culture. It is still very popular today. Kabuki actors use their entire bodies as tools to portray their characters, including speech, dance, music, costumes, makeup, and expressions. The music uses traditional Japanese musical instruments, and the dance is characterized by unique gestures and postures, which are very beautiful and touching. In addition to watching performances in theaters, tourists can also visit Kabuki museums to learn about the history and inheritance of Kabuki.

National Theatre

The National Theatre is a modern performing arts venue located in Tokyo, Japan, which regularly hosts events such as Kabuki. The ticket prices are not very high, making it worthwhile for everyone to go and watch. Its architectural style combines traditional and modern elements of Japan, leaving a deep impression on visitors.

Asakusa Public Hall

Asakusa Public Hall is a historic performance venue primarily used for concerts, music and dance performances, and theater. It is one of the oldest performance venues in Tokyo and one of the iconic buildings in the Asakusa area. Every New Year, people visit Asakusa Shrine for worship and then come here to watch a Kabuki performance.

Matsuzakaza theater

Matsuzakaza is a famous theater located in the Chuo district of Tokyo, Japan, built in 1929 and is one of the oldest theaters in Japan. The exterior of this historic building is in the traditional Japanese style, while the interior stage equipment is equipped with modern technology. Here, you can enjoy a variety of performance programs, including traditional Japanese Kabuki, dance performances, concerts, and more. In addition to the performances that local audiences love, international superstars often hold concerts here, such as the Beatles' performance. If you are interested in Japanese culture and performing arts, a visit to Matsuzakaza will surely leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Kyoto Minami-za

The Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto is a famous traditional Kabuki theatre located on Teramachi Street, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. Built in 1753, Minamiza Theatre has a long history and is one of the most famous Kabuki theatres in Kyoto. The interior of Minamiza Theatre is elegantly decorated and the building preserves the traditional architectural style of Kyoto, making it a great place for tourists to experience traditional Japanese culture.


Hakata-za is a famous traditional Kabuki theater located in the central district of Fukuoka, Japan. The theater primarily features the architectural style of the Edo period and also preserves numerous highly unique Japanese traditional art pieces, such as wood carvings, paintings, and prints showcasing the cultural depth of Japan. The performance repertoire is extremely diverse, featuring not only Kabuki, but also famous Rakugo, dance, and large-scale historical dramas, among others. Audiences can more deeply appreciate the charm of Japanese traditional culture here.