Experience the trendy and fashionable accommodation style

There is a unique form of accommodation in Japan called capsule hotels. Although not everyone has tried it, it has become one of Japan's cultural phenomena. It is not only a great place to satisfy curiosity, but also an excellent way to immerse yourself in collective culture and order. When you are unsure of where to stay, why not try a capsule hotel? It will definitely be a cool experience.

"Nine Hours"

Nine Hours is an old brand among many capsule hotels in Tokyo. Its minimalist Nordic style runs through, with a cold and unique but highly recognizable decoration style. Although the cabin space is not large, each room is equipped with an integrated control system, which can freely adjust lighting, temperature, music, etc., and can also set an alarm clock, making it convenient for guests to arrange their own schedule. In addition, Nine Hours is very attentive to details and provides supplies such as bath towels, face towels, slippers, toothbrushes, and pajamas. The bathroom and lounge area are also fully equipped, providing comprehensive comfort guarantee for guests' travel.

℃ sauna + sleep

"Celsius sauna + sleep features a retro style with wood and industrial elements, equipped with advanced sauna facilities and available 24/7 for sauna and accommodation services. Guests will receive complete sauna supplies upon check-in to relax and ease their travel fatigue. In addition, the traditional Finnish hot-cold alternation in sauna has been faithfully reproduced, with high-temperature hot stones and mint-scented purified water prepared. Guests can enjoy a unique peppermint steam bath in the Finnish sauna hut. The wood-structured cooling bathroom is located outdoors and is an open-plan independent room. It is divided into different temperature levels, including 20℃, 25℃, and 30℃ for guests to choose and fully enjoy."

First Cabin

First Cabin adopts the design concept of airplane cabins and aims to provide three types of rooms - First Class Cabin, Business Class Cabin, and Economy Class Cabin to meet the needs of different guests. Each room type provides a large bed, a TV with headphones, a safe, and a folding door. Additionally, they are equipped with air conditioning systems, power outlets, and safes. The overall comfort level surpasses that of some budget hotels. The hotel also provides a lounge and a large public bath, as well as wireless Wi-Fi. In addition, each hotel has a Cafe & Bar 15 on the ground floor, which serves three meals during the day and transforms into a bar at night, allowing you to fully enjoy your stay.

The Millennials

The Millennials is known as the "most advanced digital capsule hotel," emitting a sleek and stylish atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable and personalized. The space is equipped with futuristic technology, making it popular among the millennial consumer group. Upon check-in, guests will receive an iPod touch, which allows them to freely adjust the bed's inclination angle and easily expand it into a double bed or a comfortable sofa. In addition, the hotel provides services such as door induction and room temperature control, and can also control the lighting in the rooms. Some room types are also equipped with projectors, which can project the high-definition images of smartphones in real-time on the door curtains, making it even more trendy and fashionable.


Book and Bed is a capsule hotel with the concept of "sleeping in a bookstore", providing a comfortable sleeping environment for book-loving travelers. Each Book and Bed has a rich variety of books selected by independent bookstores, covering design, art, magazines, and comics, among other genres, with most of the books in Japanese and English. The sleeping area is made up of rows of bookshelves, with wooden ladders connecting the various rooms, making guests feel as if they are in a bookstore. These small "capsules" hidden among the bookshelves have simple but cozy beds, reading lights, sockets, and curtains, providing guests with a peaceful resting time.