Diving Island Guide in Malaysia

Malaysia has numerous islands with blue skies and seas. It has the world's largest and most diverse marine ecosystem, known as the "diving paradise of the world". Beneath the deep blue sea, there are enchanting and breathtaking sceneries waiting to be explored. Let me introduce how to have a wonderful diving experience in Malaysia.

Barbados Island

Paya Island is located at the southern end of Langkawi Island, comprising Paya Island, Langgun Island, Segantang Island, and Kaca Island. Paya Island beach is covered by lush green trees, while its white smooth sand, emerald ocean and blue sky add picturesque scenery to the island.


Badan is located in the southwest of East Malaysia, where a 5-meter shallow beach leads to a deep, blue sea of 600-700 meters vertically down, making it the world's "best beach diving" and the first of the world's five greatest cliff diving sites. It is suitable for diving all year round.


Sandakan is located on the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia and has attracted a large number of Hong Kong people to do business. Due to its similar scenery, it is also known as "Little Hong Kong". It is not only beautiful, but also the most famous seafood city in Sabah.

Heatwave Island

Redang Island is a Malaysian island in the South China Sea. Known for its turtle island and ocean park, over 500 species of colorful coral reefs grow underwater, along with over 1,000 species of bivalves and 3,000 species of fish, attracting divers and underwater photographers from all over the world. Additionally, visitors can swim, glide, dive, chase the wind and waves, or explore the tropical rainforest on the island.

Diaomand Island

Tioman Island is located in the eastern part of Malaysia and is the largest of a volcanic archipelago consisting of 64 small islands. It takes 55 minutes to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman Island. Located about 30 kilometers off the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, Tioman Island is the largest one in the volcanic archipelago. It is relatively well-developed for commercial purposes and is a favorite tourism destination of neighboring country Singaporeans.

Mooring Island

Pulau Tenggol, comprising of Big Tenggol Island and Small Tenggol Island, is located approximately 21 kilometers away from the coast of Dungun. It is covered with pristine forests, swaying palms, powdery white beaches, and surrounded by crystal clear blue waters.

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