What are the attractions in CK town?

Let us come to Krumlov, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and listen to the narrative of history.

Puppet Museum

The Puppet Museum houses a vast collection of exquisite and unique puppets, including ancient and contemporary ones, featuring distinctive, interesting, and even terrifying styles that are truly eye-opening. In addition, the museum also maintains a complete puppet theater with stage design and curtains that still retain the original Baroque flavor. For Czech puppets, this is definitely an excellent place to appreciate and learn.

Krumlov Castle

The castle is a precious historical landmark. It is stunning to climb to the top of the painted tower and get a panoramic view of the town. It is also an unforgettable experience to be on the roof lined with red tiles. Here, you can discover the crown of the Kingdom of Bohemia, a well-preserved Baroque theater, and many original sets and props. In addition, there are over four thousand paintings from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and other countries from the 16th to 18th centuries that are worth admiring.

Torture Museum

You can experience 10 amazing wax figures and two surround sound effects here. They will make you feel like you are in the process of punishment and give you an unprecedented thrilling experience!

Krumlov City Hall

The city hall is a magnificent and simple white three-story building, decorated with the Czech national emblem, the CK city emblem, and the family coat of arms that once ruled this area. There are many souvenir shops and coffee bars nearby, as well as many outdoor snacks, which allow you to enjoy your time.