Czech | How to have fun in CK Town!

Czech Republic, a country located in the center of Europe, is not only home to Prague- a world-renowned city with dual heritage, but also to Český Krumlov, which is known as the "poetic memory of Bohemia", the "city of Central European charm", and the "world's beautiful small town". This medieval town, retaining its original charm, is situated upstream of the Vltava River, exuding an unparalleled ancient atmosphere.

Krumlov Castle

Climbing to the top of Krumlov Castle, one of the three major towers in the town of CK, offers a breathtaking view of the entire town, like capturing a vivid and colorful painting.

Church of St. Jost, St. Jušt’s Church

Josta Church is one of the three major towers in the town of CK, adjacent to the painted tower, and has become a iconic building in the town. Its green Baroque spire stands out on the town's red roofs, making it an excellent background for photography. In addition, at one of the exits of the church, there is an empty niche displaying a statue of Saint Mary, which is highly enjoyable to admire.

Puppet Museum

In front of Jost Cathedral is the Puppet Museum, which is located prominently and showcases a large collection of ancient and contemporary puppets, very distinctive. In addition, there is a well-preserved puppet theater with stage design and curtains in the authentic Baroque style.

Egon Schiele Art Center

Krumlov is the hometown of Austrian expressionist painter Egon Schiele. When he first came here in 1911, he fell in love with the town's romantic and dreamlike atmosphere. Despite facing criticism from conservatives for his open style and use of models, he set up a studio here. He was eventually driven out by the locals. However, the people later admired him and converted a brewery into the Egon Schiele Art Center to commemorate the artist.

Cave restaurant

Krumlov's Cave Restaurant is famous far and wide, attracting not only tourists but also locals. Especially during meal times, it is bustling with people. To enjoy the classic delicacies here, such as traditional onion bread soup and various roasted pork knuckles, it is best to make a reservation two weeks in advance. Located on the site of a former prison, the cave restaurant boasts stone walls, arched ceilings, dim lighting, and the sizzling sound of large chunks of meat on the grill. The aroma fills the air and whets one's appetite.