The most beautiful windmills in the Netherlands

Since ancient times, windmills have been favored by the Dutch. This wooden giant not only plays a crucial role in wind power generation in flat areas but can also be used for sawing, pressing, grinding, pumping, producing wooden boards, paint, oil, paper, bread, mustard, and even extracting water from lakes to maintain the dryness of reclaimed land from the sea.

Group of windmills on a child's dike

The photo taken in front of the windmill cluster is an essential part of the travel album in the Netherlands. The 19 windmills, built around 1740, were part of a large-scale water management system to prevent flooding. Today, it has become a symbolic location for water management in the Netherlands.

Zanthes Hans

Zaanse Schans is located a few miles outside of Amsterdam, in the northern part. It is a 100% open-air conservation area and museum, vividly showcasing the Dutch life of the 17th and 18th centuries. Here, you can find well-preserved houses, a historic shipyard, a wax factory, cheese and dairy farms, an old grocery store, a wooden shoe-making demonstration area, and, of course, the iconic windmills.

Adrian Windmill

The Adriaan Windmill is located in the city center of Haarlem, overlooking the beautiful Spaarne River. Built in 1778, it was rebuilt after a fire in 1932. During the windmill tour, you will see the windmill in its normal working state, models, and explanations of how various machines utilize wind energy. You will learn about the windmill's versatility and its importance. Don't miss the breathtaking view of old Haarlem from the riverbank windmill.