Must-visit shopping center in Zurich

The city center of Zurich is a shopping paradise, offering a variety of local specialties, gifts, and souvenirs. Supermarkets, department stores, and various specialty shops are abundant, where shoppers can find rare items that are not easily found in other provinces and cities. These make excellent gifts for family and friends, and are definitely worth buying.


One of the world's most expensive shopping streets is a shopping paradise comparable to Fifth Avenue.


Here are a variety of restaurants, bookstores, and cafes, creating the charming old town atmosphere of Zurich's narrow alleys.

Zurich Old Town

Visitors can catch a glimpse of the charm of medieval European towns and enjoy the elegant and beautiful ancient architecture by preserving the old city area well.

Augustine Lane

This is the most charming alley in the old town of Zurich, with romantic old buildings along the street.