Buying a watch in Lucerne is a serious matter

Each year, Lucerne receives one of the largest numbers of tourists in Switzerland. In addition to its spectacular natural beauty, the city is known for its warm and friendly people, as well as its luxurious shopping experiences. Switzerland is famous worldwide for its high-quality watches, and whether it's a kids' digital watch, a men's business watch, or a women's fashion watch, you can find it here. Bucherer and Gübelin are two old shops that have been in business since the 17th century.

Baojiaer Chain Watch Store

Bucherer chain watch stores have a long history in the watch and jewelry industry in Europe. It was founded by Karl-Friedrich Bucherer in Lucerne in 1888. He himself was a well-known businessman and laid a solid foundation for this successful enterprise. Now, Bucherer chain watch stores has been in existence for more than a hundred years and has become the leader in the Swiss watch and jewelry industry, as well as the main supplier in Germany. Almost every store provides services in multiple languages to meet the needs of tourists from different countries. In addition, the prices of high-end watches are much cheaper than in the domestic market, and there are often discount activities, so wealthy people with conditions should not miss out.


Gübelin boutique was opened in 1903 to meet the growing watch business. From a small shop by the lake, it has developed into a watch boutique that can accommodate tourists from around the world. It features top brands such as Cartier and Vacheron Constantin that cannot be found at Bucherer. Customers can even see Panerai on the wrist of the security guard outside. If you want to find brands like F.P. Journe and Breguet, there is no better place than Les Ambassadeus and Gübelin. The service here is also very high-quality. You can experience multilingual services, watch maintenance and repair, tax refund services, and gemstone appraisal services recognized by the jewelry industry.


Embassy aims to help every customer find a watch that they can cherish for a lifetime. The watches available include various high-end brands, whether world-renowned or unique collector's items created by famous designers. Embassy offers the ultimate collection of wristwatches for the most tasteful individuals. The exquisitely elegant decor and impeccable service, including multilingual guides, will surely help you find a watch that is your true love. Embassy is a world-famous watch destination, but it does not stop there. The store also sells jewelry, art, and antiques. There are two stores in Lucerne, one located at Grendelstrasse 2 CH-6004 Luzern, and the other at Kapellplatz 12 CH-6004 Luzern.


At the other end of the Lucerne Swan Square stands the elegant Cartier boutique. Here you can buy the "Rotonde Grand Complication", the most complex movement in the Cartier series produced in 2015. Founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, France in 1847, Cartier has become one of the top ten luxury brands internationally, mainly manufacturing high-end jewelry, watches and other luxury accessories. The watches that offer good value for money are priced above 100,000 RMB, combining advanced gem-setting technology to merge high-end watches and gems, unmatched by any other brand.

RuiBao Time Gallery

Chronoswiss, the time gallery of excellence, has over 30 years of development experience. Its founder, Mr. Gerd-R. Lang, began learning watchmaking craftsmanship at the Jauns watch specialty store in his hometown of Brunswick, Germany in 1958. With his craftsmanship and love for watches, he gradually developed the brand. Chronoswiss' most attractive feature is its charming handcrafted techniques, including filigree carving, enamel firing, and hollow processing. In the digital age, mechanical watches may seem outdated, but they actually highlight people's admiration for handcrafted techniques and their recognition of their value. The limited edition Chronoswiss Artist series of wristwatches perfectly showcases the ingenious watchmaking skills. Each Chronoswiss watch goes through nearly sixty meticulous and delicate processing steps before it first ticks. Of course, Chronoswiss also provides a custom-made series of watches called Unique Timepieces.