What are the worth-visiting places in Cambridge University?

Take the train to Cambridge station and then you can walk the whole way to Cambridge.

King's College

The King's College in England was established by King Henry VI in 1441. The original design was intended to be frugal, but from 1445, the scale of the building became more magnificent to showcase the glory of the royal family, occupying much of the central area of Cambridge. The college is open daily from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, closed on Sundays and Mondays. Visitors can scan on-site or purchase tickets online, with student tickets priced at £8.

Monument of Xu Zhimo

After crossing the King's Bridge and following the River Cam, you will come across the Xu Zhimo Memorial Monument. This monument stands by the River Cam, paying tribute to the famous poet Xu Zhimo. Whenever the sun rises, the monument emits a dazzling light, as if praising Xu Zhimo's poetry. Its presence also adds a touch of warmth and romance to the scenery of the River Cam.

Silver St

From Cambridge, take a boat tour of the two banks is a rare experience. The prices offered by different companies are also different, with an average price of about 20 pounds/person, but it is said that you can bargain to 12 pounds/person, which requires your own bargaining skills and ability. This one-hour one-way trip is mostly paddled by Cambridge students, who will explain the attractions on both banks along the way, allowing you to have a deeper understanding of the scenery here.

Newton's Apple Tree

The true Newton apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor was attacked by a storm in 1820, breaking into several pieces. In memory of Newton, another new apple tree was planted in Cambridge, but it was blown down by the Eunice typhoon in February this year. The tree roots were broken, and doctors made a judgment that it could not survive.

Trinity College

Trinity College

The CorpusClock

Outside Taylor Library, at the intersection of Bene't Street and Trumpington Street, there is a large sculptural clock - Corpus Clock, with the Latin inscription 'mundus transit et concupiscentia eius' meaning 'the world and its desires pass away', reminding people of the fleeting time through a lifelike action of a grasshopper devouring time.

St John's College

St. John's College

Jake's Gelato

The coconut flavor at the internet-famous ice cream shop is quite popular, but personally I think the taste is just average. If you have the chance, you might as well go to Jannettas Gelateria in St. Andrews and try it. It is acclaimed as the 'best ice cream in the world' and it is absolutely true.
Local students are enthusiastic about going to this cheap and delicious pizza shop, with an average of only 5 pounds per person, which is a good value for money. Although the signature eggplant pizza is not very popular, other pizzas are still worth a try.