Amsterdam Food Guide Must-See Recommendations

Travelers traveling to a place not only need to visit famous sites and buy souvenirs, but also need to taste local cuisine. In fact, there is a wide variety of delicious food in the Netherlands, including Chinese cuisine, Dutch cuisine, French cuisine, and more.

Fulu - Sichuan Restaurant

Fulu Chinese Restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands is well-known for its Sichuan cuisine. Dishes like spicy chicken, garlic pork, boiled beef, boiled fish, and saliva chicken are highly praised by local and international guests! Many friends who are tired of bread prefer to try authentic Chinese food at Fulu Chinese Restaurant. The average cost is around 20 euros per person.

The Seafood Bar Spui

This is a seafood restaurant that specializes in seafood. The average price per person is around 40-100 euros, which is a bit expensive. However, the seafood in the Netherlands is good, so seafood lovers can give it a try.

Wok To Walk

This is a fast-service Asian cuisine restaurant where you can choose various ingredients to stir-fry with noodles. The prices are relatively cheap, around 6-19 euros.

Restaurant Sinne

This is a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. We recommend the chef's menu with red wine, average cost is €21-€40 per person.

The Garage

Le Garage is a French-style restaurant serving French cuisine and specialty wines, with an average price range of 27-165 euros per person.