The most comprehensive experience of Belgian chocolate

Belgium has many outstanding chocolate manufacturers, each brand offers a selection of shops and restaurants worth tasting and trying.


"Such a lot of chocolate, such a short time" is the slogan above the Boon counter. This tells you about Patrick's passion for chocolate. The chocolate master creates exquisite handmade chocolates in various flavors and combinations, cast in delicate shapes. In the neighboring café, chocolate lovers can choose from a rich menu: Grand Cru coffee, latte, steamer, various loose teas, and over 40 different types of drinking chocolate. All beverages are served in a professional manner, including 2 chocolates and a small jar of chocolate mousse. While you participate, you can watch the chocolate being made into precious chocolates in the open studio.

Benoît Nihant

BenoîtNihantChocolatier is part of the chocolate elite that makes chocolate using cocoa beans. While most chocolate makers use chocolate as an ingredient and remelt it, Benoît chooses to master the entire process, from selecting the finest batches of high-quality cocoa beans to planting and harvesting. He works closely with plantations, taking into account factors like soil type, sunlight levels, and the variety of cocoa trees, along with the expertise of his growing partners, to influence the unique aromatic qualities of his chocolate. In order to maintain its distinctive character and pay homage to the growers' work, he does not mix beans from different plantations.

Baksteenkaai 24

In the fish market in the city center of Brussels, you will find Blondeel tea room and chocolate shop. The business was launched by Frederic Blondeel and Olivier Tanghe in 2006. You can taste a variety of delicious chocolates, relax in the cozy tea room, and listen to elegant music in the background. In addition to artisanal chocolates and bars, the shop also offers preserves, cookies, tea, and coffee. During spring and summer, sweet-toothed visitors can enjoy homemade ice cream on the terrace overlooking Place Sainte-Catherine square.

Chocolate city

The handmade chocolate bar is sprinkled with ginger, papaya, spiced biscuits, strawberries, plums, forest fruits, and even chocolate. True chocolate fans will choose a half-kilogram bar, while others will stick to a cautious 100 grams.