Complete guide to Pumpkin Patch in the greater New York area

In the spooky month of October, what activity is not terrifying yet has a strong Halloween atmosphere, suitable for children, and welcomes scaredy-cats? Hehe, picking pumpkins isn't scary, right! The fun of a pumpkin patch is not only picking those huge pumpkins, but also includes a corn maze, a petting zoo, and some friendly Halloween activities.

Queens Botanical Garden

Bring the whole family out to play, everyone will have something to do and have fun. There will be music, games, farm visits, nature walks, snack stalls and animal petting areas for children to scream and touch animals. Adults can enjoy beer stalls, and the highlight is picking big pumpkins and having fun celebrating Halloween.

Fishkill Farm Road

From a family-run farm that has been operating for a hundred years, besides featuring picturesque views like postcards, they persistently cultivate their apples and pumpkins using organic methods. In addition to being able to safely harvest their home-grown agricultural products, the farm also offers weekend barbecues, live music, fresh apple juice, and doughnuts to enjoy.

Outhouse Orchards

Pumpkins of all varieties are waiting to be harvested by big and small hands on the farm, which originally focused on apple picking but now offers a wide selection of pumpkins for Halloween, as well as hayrides and corn mazes. If you don't want to drive, you can take the Metro-North to Croton Falls Station and then take an Uber or taxi to get there.

Stuarts Farm

Choose your favorite pumpkin and you can carve or paint it on the spot! In addition to pumpkins, you can also pick apples here. On weekends from 11am-5pm, there are hay rides. Don't worry if your little one gets tired and can't walk, this pumpkin patch welcomes parents to bring strollers!

Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm

Here, besides being able to pick pumpkins by yourself, there are also free hayrides, and on weekends there is even a small winery, making both adults and children happy!

Elwood Pumpkin Farm

All the pumpkins here are grown in the garden! Children can pick fresh pumpkins directly from the stems, and besides picking pumpkins, they can also ride on hay carts and play in the cornfield maze. There is no entrance fee, just pay the pumpkin fee based on the size of the pumpkin!

F&W Schmitt's Family Farm

This is a super famous family farm on Long Island, known for its huge 7-acre corn maze. In addition, there is a farm animal area with sheep, small rabbits, small chickens, etc. There are also hayrides available and a wide range of food for sale on-site.

Lewin Farm

Unfortunately, Lewin Farm's pumpkin picking event has ended due to heavy rain and flooding this year. However, their 5-acre corn maze is still open! Please make sure to call and confirm the opening hours before your visit.

Secor Farms

Upon arriving at this beautiful farm, the hayride will take you past a small lake, willow trees, and a visit to the pumpkin patch. Once the hayride tour is over, you can head to the adorable animal area to see the cute farm animals and pick a pumpkin to start decorating creatively while relaxing in the beautiful countryside scenery. On weekends in October, the park also sells burgers, hot dogs, beverages, and picnic opportunities.

Alstede Farms

In this farm, besides picking apples and pumpkins, you can also walk through the 10-acre corn maze and meet the animals on the farm. There are also various children's activities, and the planning is quite complete! In addition, there are hayride activities on specific weekends in October, where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and warm campfire atmosphere.

Demarest Farms

Renowned farm in New Jersey, with abundant pumpkin-related activities every October, including pumpkin picking and a special Pumpkin Movie Night (10/5)! This year, they are also launching the Haunted Orchards at Demarest Farms nighttime adventure, held Thursday to Sunday evenings in October and on specific dates, leading kids and adults on an exploration of the orchard's secrets (additional tickets required)!

Riamede Farm

This peaceful farm does not have a petting zoo or corn maze, which are more commercialized activities. Instead, it offers the freshest fruits and pumpkins. You can even cut the pumpkins from the vines yourself, so don't forget to bring your own tools for harvesting - it's all do-it-yourself! There are hayrides available on weekends.

Conklin Farm U-Pick

Although this place is relatively sophisticated, there are plenty of harvest season activities related to pumpkins here! In addition to being able to select pumpkins in fields full of sunflowers, you can also play in hay carts, corn mazes, and make homemade donuts and other snacks. There are also pony riding activities on Fridays.