Exploring the shop, Laodawai Chinese Baroque Food Street

As we all know, Laodao Wai is the birthplace of Harbin. It is a Baroque architecture that imitates the foreign-style houses in Daoli and Nangang districts, while incorporating Chinese elements and architectural techniques. This has created the Chinese Baroque style here - with European-style facades and Chinese-style courtyards. Construction began in the early 20th century, with the most famous being many snack shops, some of which have a history of over a hundred years, resembling buildings. Now, in Harbin, it is located in the central area of Daowai District.

Red River Baozi Shop

The first street is famous for its Red River Baozi Shop, which was established in the 1980s. Its specialties are braised spare ribs and stir-fried pork intestines. The second street's Zhang Baopu Alley is home to an old-style restaurant called Lao Guo Lao, which also originated in the 1980s. Its specialties include pan-fried dishes (similar to pan-fried dishes in the south, Beijing's guotie and Hebei's jianbao), sauce-braised donkey meat, and sauce-braised beef.


Zhang Bao Pao on Erdao Street is very famous. It has been standing for over a hundred years because it is delicious. They start selling buns with six in a serving, with varying sizes and various fillings such as spare ribs, tofu, and shrimp. The spare rib buns are the most famous and there is always a long queue. Lao Fan Ji, established in 1912, is known for their delicious and authentic three fresh dumplings. They also serve various stir-fried dishes with a pot of wine, which is a daily routine in Harbin. Harbin Restaurant was established in the late 1980s, starting as a noodle shop and gradually expanded. It became a well-known restaurant, but it is not as tasty as it used to be recently, so the business is not as prosperous as before. There is also Liuhe Shun, originated in the Republic of China era, which is a halal restaurant.

Northern San Li Shi Xunjiang

Three Streets is the oldest food street, with North Li's smoked meat of various sauces, which has a history of seventy to eighty years. Dry sausages, pig stomach from Beishan Tavern, and pig brain from Old Shao's House, as well as the delicious New Year snacks, make it a true sauce street.

Prosperity and strength, great bone club

Four Streets' Rich and Prosperous Big Bone Stick was founded in 1986. It features various snacks like Big Bone Stick, Fried Pork Intestines, Stewed Cabbage with Tofu, etc.

Zhengyang Tower

There is an old well-known restaurant called Zhengyang Building on the north side of Wudao Street. There is always a line at the entrance, offering a variety of dried sausages and stuffed pig intestines with pine nuts.