Authentic "Western flavor" north of the north - Western food and bread

Harbin is a place with a strong "Western" flavor, where history and modernity, Eastern and Western cultures blend perfectly. At the end of the 19th century, with the influx of Russians and Western Europeans, the Western catering industry emerged. The century-old history of Western cuisine has had an impact on the food of Harbin. When you see a "big loaf of bread", you will be amazed by its size. When writer Qin Mu came to Harbin, he used the comparison of "bread like a lid" to describe the charm of the big loaf of bread. Among the first cities in China where bread is the main food, Harbin is a city where half of the residents are foreigners. The loaf, originated from neighboring Russia in the northern region, is bold and hearty like the Russians, they drink fiercely and can knock down a girl with a glass of vodka, and eat heartily, a big loaf can even stun a handsome guy.

Huamei Western Restaurant

Red Mansion Western Restaurant in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Harbin is known as the four major Western restaurants in China and a culinary symbol of Harbin.

Boteman Western Restaurant

The Portman is the only large-scale specialized Western restaurant in the Chinese Western restaurant industry that has been awarded the title of "International Restaurant". It is also currently the largest specialized Western restaurant in terms of operating scale in China. Established on July 18, 1997, The Portman is a rising star. The Portman Western restaurant, mainly serving authentic Russian cuisine, combines the advantages of French and Italian cuisine. Sit in a classical European-style restaurant, listen to a night song on the outskirts of Moscow, take a sip of the homemade classic red wine, and look at the beauty opposite. You will feel that the whole person is sublimating. Although it is a newcomer, it has a good reputation and deserves praise.

Marriott Hotel Western Restaurant

Marcel's name has been well-known since the 20th century, and his cuisine is famous and well-known. The cooking techniques here are top-notch, making it a gathering place for renowned chefs. History: Joseph Kasp founded the luxurious Marcel Hotel and Western-style restaurant in 1906. The traditional Russian and English-French cuisines served here are meticulously prepared and delicious, and the café and bar have their own unique charm.

Huamei Leba

At the entrance of the Old Hua Mei Western Restaurant, there is a long queue of people waiting to buy bread every day, that's the famous Hua Mei small bread. The bread is known for being economical, affordable, delicious, without strange taste of extra additives, only the fragrance of freshly baked bread.

Autumn Forest Big Lieba

The bagels at Qiulin Department Store are different from those at other commercial buildings. Qiulin's bagels are baked with firewood, while the bagels at other commercial buildings are baked with electric ovens. The two types of bagels taste noticeably different among the crowd of people coming and going. If you want to choose a recommended one as a true Harbin resident, I think the best-tasting bagel is still Qiulin's. I suggest that if you have time, go buy Qiulin's bagel. If time is too tight, you can join the long queue at Huamei Gate on Central Street.