Harbin popular attractions for checking in

Harbin is a must-visit transit station when traveling to the Northeast of China. But it is more than just a transit station. Besides taking a stroll along the century-old Central Street, you can also listen to the cooing of white pigeons at Sofia Cathedral and immerse yourself in the dreamy Ice and Snow World. You can also enjoy authentic Northeastern cuisine and explore other local attractions in Harbin.

Russian-style architectural estate, with all-wooden buildings built solely by wooden connections. The scenery is beautiful year-round, suitable for desktop wallpapers without needing editing. In winter, there are snow activities like snow tubing and horse-drawn plow, which are reasonably priced. You can buy Russian souvenirs in the Russian goods store, as there are no genuine products near the train station. The hotel offers accommodation at different prices on weekdays and weekends, with Friday counted as the weekend. The prices at the counter are higher, so it's cheaper to book online.

Golden River Bay Wetland Park

Jinhe Bay Wetland Park is located 23 kilometers from Harbin Daoli District on Airport Road. The park covers an area of 1886 hectares and has pleasant scenery. It is adjacent to Taiping International Airport, with convenient transportation and beautiful landscapes. It possesses abundant aquatic and natural ecological resources. In the outskirts of Harbin, Jinhe Bay Wetland Botanical Garden is the only natural reserve referred to as a "green lung" by experts. It features a 247-hectare Taiping Lake with over 360 ancient springs, shimmering waves, and plentiful wild fish and shrimp species.

Harbin Architectural Art Museum

The Harbin Architectural Art Museum is a professional museum showcasing the city's historical culture and architectural art. It consists of two parts: the St. Sophia Cathedral, a national key cultural relic protection unit, and the former Jewish synagogue town hall. The St. Sophia Cathedral area is located on the south bank of the Songhua River and covers an area of 50,000 square meters. It is famous for its unique architectural landscape and European atmosphere. The St. Sophia Cathedral is currently the best-preserved Byzantine-style typical building in China. The murals, chandeliers, bell tower, dome, and choir stalls in the cathedral demonstrate rich human landscape and artistic features.
The tower is 336 meters high and is a landmark building in Harbin, known as the "Dragon Tower". Inside, there are various exhibition halls. The sightseeing floor is 181 meters high and features a thrilling skywalk with a circumference of over 60 meters, the longest in the world. The revolving restaurant, located at 186 meters, offers a beautifully arranged aerial dining experience. The price is negotiable. The admission ticket for the Dragon Tower is 150 yuan. It's important to note that there are cheaper tickets available online that do not include access to the exhibition halls and require a guide to enter.

Harbin Songhua River Highway Bridge

Hua Jiang Bridge started construction in May 1983 and was completed on August 30, 1986. It is a large-scale bridge with a unique scissor-shaped structure. With a total length of 1565 meters, it was the largest highway bridge in the country at that time. It was also the first large-scale permanent highway bridge built in the Songhua River Basin in Heilongjiang Province in the 50 years since the liberation. On July 21, 2011, the new bridge of Songhua River Highway Bridge in Harbin was completed and opened to traffic, including the main bridge, the Dongyin Bridge, the Hegu Street connecting bridge, and the Youyi West Road connecting bridge.