Good places to appreciate flowers in Seattle

During the Heian period, a poet wrote this line: "If there were no cherry blossoms in the world, the heart would be at peace." Describing the cherry blossoms that bloom and fall so brilliantly and quickly, deeply stirring the heart and preventing peace, they are delicate yet beautiful, always making people feel heartache. Japan has long been known as a country famous for its cherry blossoms, but in reality, on the other side of the Earth in Seattle, it is also a romantic city filled with cherry blossoms. However, Seattle's beauty goes beyond that, as you can always find a cluster of azaleas on a street corner or roses in a park. The scattered wildflowers make Seattle beautiful everywhere.

The University of Washington

The Liberal Arts Quadrangle at the University of Washington is known as the Cherry Blossom Square, with scattered Yoshino cherries in varying shades of pink that are beautiful and vibrant. As a result, it is a top choice for cherry blossom viewing in Seattle, with the best time to visit being March and April.

Washington Park Arboretum, Washington Botanical Garden, Seattle

Azalea Way in the Washington Botanic Garden is a path covered with azalea flowers, as the name suggests. In addition to that, there are also beautiful cherry blossoms and other spring flowers such as dogwoods, camellias, etc., all in full bloom. The best time to appreciate the flowers is in March and April.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese garden connected to the Washington Botanic Gardens usually blooms 1-2 weeks later than the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington. If you missed the cherry blossom season at UW, consider coming here instead. Best time to view cherry blossoms: March and April.
Seward Park is located along the lake in Washington state with vast territory and beautiful scenery. It is also the birthplace of Seattle's cherry blossom season celebration. The earliest three cherry blossom trees in Seattle were planted here in 1929. There are also daffodils, tulips, and other flowers that are worth taking a stroll to appreciate. The best time to see the flowers is in March and April.
Located in Beacon Hill, Jefferson Park is very famous among Japanese Americans because the cherry blossom trees here were also donated by Japan in 1912 as a symbol of friendship between the two countries. In addition to enjoying the cherry blossoms here, visitors can also admire the view of the Duwamish River. Best time to visit for cherry blossom viewing is in March and April.

Kobe Terrace, Kobe Platform Garden

Kobe Terrace Park, named after Kobe, Seattle's sister city, is hidden in the International District and full of Japanese style. Sometimes you can even see people in kimono admiring the cherry blossoms under the trees. Best time to visit: March-April.

Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park is one of the favorite parks for Seattleites, where you can often see people walking and jogging. The park offers different scenery throughout the seasons. In the spring, you can see cherry blossoms, dogwoods, and daffodils while walking around the lake. The best time for flower-watching is March and April.

Japanese Garden at Point Defiance Park

There is also a Japanese garden in Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, with traditional Japanese buildings, small bridges, flowing water, and Japanese lanterns, creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. In addition to beautiful cherry blossoms, there are also azaleas, roses, and other various flowers, making the garden full of purple and red colors. The best time to appreciate flowers is from March to April.

Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival

The Seattle Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, which has been established for 40 years, originated from the gratitude for the 1,000 cherry blossom trees gifted by Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Miki. The festival features taiko performances, DIY workshops, delicious food vendors, various stalls, and beautiful cherry blossom trees on site. It's quite interesting. Time: 4/26-28 10:00.