Top Five Dance Parties in Boston

If life were a movie, The Cantab in Boston's Central Square would always be in production. This place is truly bizarre – half filled with elderly people and the other half with intoxicated Harvard PhD students (yes, Harvard PhD students). Whether you're a local Bostonian, a stressed-out doctoral student, or just a traveler passing through Boston, looking for a place to dance and let loose, here are five great places in Boston to party and dance!

The Cantab Lounge

If life were a movie, The Cantab in Central Square would always be in the filming. This place is really peculiar - half of it is elderly people, and the other half is Harvard PhD students who are drunk (yes, Harvard PhD students). The average age of the band is estimated to be 100 years old, but their music is really amazing!


At Zuzu on Central Square, you can listen to classic music from James Brown, Gap Band, Marvin Gaye, as well as some great songs that you may not be familiar with. Here, you will see many college students, but most of them are outstanding young people wearing long shirts and painted lips, so please keep your breathing normal.


Rise in Bay Village is the only place in Boston that is still open after 2 am. They don't sell alcohol after 2 am, so it's a great time to sober up by dancing like crazy without worrying about strange looks, as there will be a group of men and women dressed in shiny fluorescent clothes (looking like lamp posts) going crazy with you.

Common Ground

At Common Ground in Allston, although you may encounter a few girls with high ponytails and wearing sausage dresses clumsily swaying at the edge of the dance floor, most people are sweating and wildly waving their limbs while dancing to what they think is breakdancing, and splashing beer on each other in the crowded dance floor.
On the Beacon Hill in the crazy town, the 80s night seems to attract all kinds of people: 22-year-old die-hard fan of Whitney Houston who indulges in the pseudo-nostalgic atmosphere, a doctor in his thirties with a bewildered face who reminisces about his childhood after a 24-hour shift at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and they come to listen to music they don't understand in a daze...