What attractions in Lanzhou are worth visiting?

Gansu Province is the only provincial capital city that the Yellow River runs through. It is the throat fortress of the ancient Silk Road, with a long history and rich cultural and tourist resources. Here, you can encounter the horse trampling the flying swallow and enjoy the Silk Road flower rain. You can also visit the famous falling sand geese on the banks of the Yellow River. The cultural readings that have influenced Chinese people for over 30 years, the Dunhuang Art Museum, and the Gansu Provincial Museum are located in the downtown area of Lanzhou.

With Gansu's rich cultural heritage and the abundance of precious cultural relics left by the Loess Plateau, the permanent exhibitions include "Gansu Silk Road Civilization," "Gansu Colored Pottery," "Gansu Fossils," "Solemn and Marvelous - Gansu Buddhist Art Exhibition," and "Red Gansu - Toward 1949," which reflect Gansu's profound historical, geographical, and cultural significance.
The Zhongshan Bridge, formerly known as Zhenyuan Bridge and commonly referred to as the "Yellow River Iron Bridge", is also known as the "First Bridge of the Yellow River". The museum was built in 1907 (the 33rd year of the Qing Dynasty). The project was constructed by a German businessman. In 1942, it was renamed Zhongshan Bridge to commemorate Mr. Sun Yat-sen, and the name has been used ever since. Zhongshan Bridge has become the most important landmark in Lanzhou, mostly visited by tourists from other places. Motor vehicles are now prohibited from crossing the bridge, but pedestrians can freely walk from the south bank to the north bank.
Baita Mountain Park is located on the north bank of the Yellow River and is named after the Baita Temple at the foot of the mountain. The temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty and rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty. Climbing up Baita, you can see the cityscape of Lanzhou. The white pagoda and the iron bridge on the Yellow River form a magnificent picture, becoming a symbol of Lanzhou.
The cable car spans 150 kilometers across the Yellow River, with nearly 40 kilometers within the city area. Lanzhou is known as the "Capital of the Yellow River." The fast-flowing Yellow River passes through the city, creating a unique landscape. Lanzhou Yellow River Cableway is the first cable car across a major river, known as the "world's first Yellow River cableway."

Lanshan Park

Lanshan Park is located on the south of Gaolan Mountain in downtown Lanzhou. It stretches from Longxu Laolang Gou in the east to Longwei Mountain in the west, and it is the first man-made forest park in Lanzhou created through artificial greening. The magnificent mountain top park offers a panoramic view of Lanzhou.