How to explore Suzhou by oneself? Take a look at this travel guide

Suzhou, this historic ancient city, has too many places to visit, and it is also a destination suitable for solo travelers.

Tiger Hill Scenic Area, Suzhou City

Tiger Hill Scenic Area has a rich history of over 2500 years and is known as the "number one mountain in Wuzhong". Tiger Hill is not very high, so it's not particularly tiring to climb. But the scenery here is beautiful, with lush trees and the sound of flowing water.

Shantang Street

Suzhou is the epitome of the water towns in Jiangnan, and to truly experience this style, one must visit Shantang Street. It is lively yet nostalgic, a street that generations of Suzhou residents have cherished and have deep affection for.
Come to Suzhou, it is really a pity not to visit the gardens. The famous gardens in Suzhou include Zhuozheng Garden, Lion Grove, Master of the Nets Garden, and Lingering Garden. Choosing any one of them will give you a good taste of the charm of Suzhou gardens.

Jinji Lake

I think this city has developed a different style in this place, perhaps it is a style that originally belongs to here. In the evening, it is peaceful and beautiful here, so you might as well come here for a walk at night and listen to the sound of the wind.

Huayi Brothers Movie World

When you come to Suzhou, don't miss this newly opened attraction. It is said to have been built for several years and cost over a billion yuan. It is divided into five major areas: Starlight Avenue, If You Are the One, Assembly, Tai Chi, and Heavenly Empire. There are many performances to watch inside, and overall, it is worth a visit.