Where in Shanghai can you get close to nature? Come and take a look

Shanghai parks are everywhere, with only a few that still charge admission fees. It is not recommended to only visit parks with flowers and grass. This time, I recommend some special places for your reference.

Shanghai Expo Park

You can see a different view of the Pujiang River here compared to the Bund. Based on the current status and structure of Shanghai's park and green space system, it studies its position and role within the entire system structure and aims to provide the city with a high-quality natural ecological environment and cultural landscapes, create good recreational spaces for urban residents, and provide the city with an "oxygen storage" and comfortable, healthy external leisure space. Therefore, the Expo Park green space can be designated as a permanent urban park. So, the Expo Park is a large-scale park and green space in the center of Shanghai with ecological landscape, science education and cultural functions.

People's Park in Shanghai

It is not just about looking at flowers and plants, but looking at the blind date corner inside. Take a look at the various ridiculous requirements that the native parents of Shanghai have for finding partners for their children, and you will see a more authentic Shanghai, a more authentic China.

Chenshan Botanical Garden in Shanghai

Although it is remote, this botanical garden is great with many rare tropical plants. The most distinctive feature is the quarry garden, which combines various flowers, trees, large quarries, waterfalls, lakes, and walkways, making it unique.