Salzburg, Austria: Exploring the breweries

The first commercial brewery in Salzburg was established in the late 14th century. The two oldest traditional breweries still stand today, and their ancient secret recipes and unparalleled brewing techniques are their hallmarks: Stiegl Brewery's history can be traced back to 1492 and today it is the largest privately owned brewery in Austria, while Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln Brewery has been producing beer since 1621.

Stiegl Brewery

Since its establishment in 1492, the unique Stiegl-Märzen beer has been a popular beverage and a part of Salzburg's beer culture. Originally brewed in the city center of Salzburg, their beer production was relocated to the Maxglan district in the late 19th century. The brewery continues to operate there, privately owned by the Kiener family for over 120 years.

Augustiner Brewery

The Augustiner Brauerei, located in Mühlen, Salzburg, was founded in 1621 by Augustinian monks. To this day, beer is brewed according to traditional recipes, with most of the process being done manually. Only the finest ingredients are used in the brewery, without any preservatives, and it adheres to the strict standards set by the so-called "purity law". Notable features of the AugustinerBräu brewing process include the uncovered cooling of beer wort in the last traditional cooling vessel in Austria and open fermentation.
"Die Weisse" Brewery in Salzburg is the oldest Weissbier brewing company in Austria. Since 1901, in the Schallmoos district of Salzburg, wheat beer has been brewed in an innovative manner and with the highest quality standards.
Brauhaus Gusswerk in Hof bei Salzburg is the organic beer expert of Mozart City. Since its establishment in 2006, Salzburg master brewer Reinhold Barta has been dedicated to using sustainable ingredients and biodynamic brewing methods in accordance with Demeter guidelines.
Visitors to "Trumer world" in Obertrum near Salzburg can experience the new beer culture firsthand. Opportunities include beer sommelier service and personally brewing at 'Kiesbye's BIERkulturHAUS', as well as visiting ancient beer cellars. Visitors can also indulge in a beer tasting menu at the brewery hotel "Braugasthof Sigl" and taste fresh Trumer Pils beer from international vintage beer or a self-brewed beer fountain.


As the oldest brewery in Salzburg, Hofbräu in Kaltenhausen has been combining traditional beer recipes with clever creativity and innovative brewing techniques since 1475. The specialty beers truly represent the core and soul of the brewery. Here, centuries-old recipes are carefully crafted to create a genuine beer treasure that embodies the spirit of the times and greatly enriches Salzburg's beer culture.