Eat your way through the streets and alleys of Changsha, be a true foodie! (Part 2)

Changsha has special local snacks, popular restaurants, and street food stalls, there must be a delicacy to suit your taste~

Shortcake shop

Some say people in Changsha love to eat fen, oh no, it's su fen. Aizifen restaurant is a favorite fen restaurant among local Changsha people. I haven't been to many other fen restaurants, but I really enjoy eating here. I ordered two dishes: shredded pork noodle soup and steamed egg and minced pork fen. The noodles here are made of alkaline noodles, with a delicate and soft texture. This is a characteristic of southern noodles, while northern noodles are thick and chewy. The fen here is smooth and refreshing.

Hot Lu's home-cooked meal

To be honest, Changsha's Hot Braised Four-in-One is a special delicacy. The recipe is very simple. Liu also did some research in advance and the online reviews of this place are good.

Handsome pancake

The taste is great, especially the sauce he brushed on it. It's a little spicy and it goes really well with other ingredients!

Wenheyou Old Changsha Lobster Restaurant

The location is by the side of the Xiang River, opposite to the Du Fu Riverside Pavilion. Reminder: If you go in the afternoon at 4 o'clock, there may still be a few tables available. After 4:30, there will be no tables left, and you'll have to wait for at least over an hour!

Night snack

This time the midnight snack is at the opposite of Jinji Sugar Friends Tuotuo. Their lard tossed noodles are quite good, although the environment is relatively poor, the taste is also good. If you like it, you can give it a try. The price is average, 5 yuan per bowl.

Mengzhong Barbecue Restaurant

As the saying goes, Mengzhong BBQ is a must-try in the barbecue scene in Changsha. Everyone recommended me to go there when I visited Changsha. We ordered 16 pieces of beef butter for 15 yuan, 12 pieces of squid for 15 yuan, 12 pieces of green beans for 12 yuan, and tofu for 10 yuan. The overall taste was great, a bit spicy. The beef butter was crispy when grilled, which is their specialty. But I personally prefer grilled pork belly, which was cooked perfectly. I think the key to good barbecue is marination and grilling, and Mengzhong BBQ does it well. I recommend everyone to try it!