Relaxing life in Dusseldorf: Strolling through the streets and wandering through markets

No matter which city you go to, the most direct way to experience local life is to browse through the markets and walk through the small alleys in the corners. In these places that are rarely visited by tourists, you can see the original face of the city's life.

Carl Square Market

This is Dusseldorf's oldest market, providing fresh fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheese, candies, and flowers for citizens from Monday to Saturday. Here, you can also buy dried fruits and nut oils, as specialty souvenirs.


If you are a CD enthusiast, please come to this small shop to find something. The shop has a variety of second-hand CDs and records of different music genres like PUNK/JAZZ/Rock'n'Roll/Reggae/electronic/independent, enough for you to browse for an afternoon.

Vintage Gallery Vaseline

Many people come to Europe hoping to visit antique shops, as they can find many unique and affordable items. And in this particular antique shop, you can discover quite a few exquisite antiques.

Taste matters

This seasoning store has the richest flavors in Dusseldorf - different categories of oil, vinegar, chocolate, tea, wine, as well as sauces with different flavors, all of which you can find here.