The best seafood restaurants in Venice, Italy

Today, the history of this bright city is still visible everywhere. Every winding alley, every deep courtyard, and every ancient square silently tells stories of the past. The various restaurants and bars have a unique Venetian flavor. Avoid the crowded tourists and savor the taste of Venice between sips and bites.

"Located in the middle of the Santa Maria Formosa church, picturesque canals and small bridges, is a must-visit restaurant. The cozy and unique Osteria alle Testiere serves freshly caught fish from the lagoon every day. In fact, every ingredient is hand-selected by the restaurant, and the grilled squid, cold soup, pumpkin, prawn and cheese dumplings are all delicious."

Riviera Venexia

"Man is what he eats" - When dining on the stunning Canal Giudecca, one of the world's most magnificent views, this proverb takes on a deeper meaning. From the terrace on the water's edge at the Riviera Venexia restaurant, you can savor delicious cuisine while admiring the spectacular skyline of this luminous city. All dishes are prepared with top-quality ingredients and fresh seafood of the day, reflecting the rich traditions and innovation of Venice.

Osteria Da Fiore

Martin's family, Mara, Maurizio and their son Damiano invite you to taste authentic Venetian cuisine in their small restaurant. Raw fish slices, sea bass with olive oil and vinegar, rosemary tuna, as well as sweet treats like chocolate pie and lemon liquorice ice cream are all on the menu. Their family recipes are already recorded in their menu. Dine on the balcony while enjoying the picturesque view of Rio de le Do Torre.
Next to the San Giacomo di Rialto church, you can see some outdoor seating, which is the Naranzaria restaurant by the water. You can come here earlier and slowly savor their grilled swordfish, fresh marinated fish, mint shrimp risotto, and Veneto wine. Perfect location, also a place for you to enjoy breakfast and coffee before starting your day's itinerary.

The Ridotto Restaurant

The restaurant owner and chef, Gianni Bonaccorsi, go to the market to purchase seafood and ingredients every day. In their hands, these ingredients turn into colorful Venetian-style works of art. Each dish has a unique color scheme. Squid, calamari, and shellfish are favorites of seafood lovers, while Amarone red wine rice and beef or pigeon meat dumplings suit meat eaters' tastes. Hidden beneath a low-key appearance is a gem of Venice's culinary industry.

Venissa Ristorante

Venture to Mazzorbo Island, where Venissa offers a spacious venue complete with a vineyard and vegetable garden. With its Michelin-starred restaurant, you can indulge in delicious food and fine wine sourced straight from the nearby garden. Be sure to order a glass of Venissa's 2010 wine while you peruse the menu. And don't forget to visit the relaxed bar for a taste of their exceptional wine and savory snacks.