Seven must-try restaurants recommended by locals in Venice

Venice is located in northeastern Italy and consists of over 100 small islands connected by more than 400 bridges. It is known as the "City of Water". Riding in a unique Venetian gondola through the fairy-tale-like houses is full of poetry and picturesque scenery. Everything in Venice is closely related to water, so the cuisine here is most characterized by fish and seafood. The delicious Venetian cuisine will definitely make you want to come back for more. Dining in Venice is generally quite expensive, so don't be fooled by the giant roadside advertisements. There are also relatively cheap fast food and self-service restaurants hidden in the streets. Some of the more unique dishes include tomato stewed rice, scallop and crab salad, squid ink pasta, and clam spaghetti.


Are you a carnivore? If so, La Bitta is the place for you. They specialize in red meat dishes and the menu constantly changes. I had the best Italian pasta of my life here! The restaurant uses various parts of the animal for different dishes. Although located in a small alley and with a modest interior, La Bitta is popular among Venetians. It's best to make a reservation beforehand, and remember they only accept cash.


Upupa Ghetto Venezia is a highly recommended restaurant among many locals in Venice. Located in a quiet square in the Cannaregio Jewish quarter, although Cannaregio may not be a hot tourist area, it provides a good feeling of getting closer to local life. Upupa Ghetto Venezia specializes in typical Italian cuisine, but the unique Venice-style fried fish is particularly delicious. Overall, the restaurant's standard is high, from main courses to desserts, and the service is excellent. Most importantly, there aren't too many tourists, so you can enjoy the rare tranquility in Venice.


When it comes to Italy, besides Pizza and pasta, how can we forget about Gelato? Italian Gelato is like siu mai and fish balls in Hong Kong, you can find it on almost every street. When you go to the shop and order Gianduiotto, the waiter will take out a brick-shaped chocolate-colored ice cream from the freezer, cut it into small pieces, put it in a paper cup, and add some whipped cream. At first glance, Gianduiotto looks simple and topped with cream, would it be too sweet? But when you taste it, it's amazing! The brick-shaped ice cream is actually hazelnut and chocolate flavor, it's rich and sweet, but paired with a light whipped cream, it balances out the sweetness and you can't help but want more. This Gianduiotto can only be found in Gelateria Nico, don't miss out!


Venissa Wine Resort is located in Burano and is both a vineyard and a hotel. It has two restaurants, one of which is a one-star restaurant and the other is more affordable (although still not cheap). Although there is only one star difference, both restaurants have high standards and exquisite dishes. I was particularly impressed by the Fish of the day. Instead of eating at a pricey restaurant in Burano, it's better to come to Venissa Wine Resort, which also has a beautiful environment overlooking the vineyards. However, Burano is always a popular tourist destination, so it's advisable to make a reservation online or book a room in advance.


Ristorante Vinaria is a restaurant located on the opposite side of San Polo. It is positioned as relatively expensive, but it is worth spending a little more for their high-quality creative pizza, beautiful views of Venice's waterways, and perfect service. Pizza is delicious everywhere in Venice, but the pizza at Ristorante Vinaria is even better. I usually don't like pizza, but eating pizza here was truly mind-blowing!!


Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta to Go is a well-known place among tourists, but locals in Venice also love it. It's very popular, with long queues even before it opens for business. The main concept is takeaway instead of dine-in, with all pastas freshly made. Customers can customize their pasta with a variety of sauces and toppings, resulting in a fresh and delicious meal. Portion sizes are also generous, costing around 4 euros, making it a great option for budget-friendly travelers.


This could also be a place that a tourist may pass by, but I don't know if they only do business with tourists. All I know is that the fried seafood here is delicious! It has even been recommended in magazines and on TripAdvisor. Although the prices are a bit high, if you are sightseeing in St. Mark's Square, it is definitely worth buying to satisfy your cravings. The seafood is fried to perfection, and it is very fresh!