These beautiful landscapes in the Northeast can only be experienced by hiking

October to November can be considered the best time to visit the Northeast of China, as it is just starting to snow and the weather is not too cold. Some places in the region can only be fully experienced by hiking. So, which places are we talking about? Let's take a look together.

Jingpo Lake

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in China, Mirror Lake in winter is frozen like blocks of ice, adorned in silver and particularly enchanting. Friends who enjoy watching diving competitions can appreciate the lively movements of Di Huanran around 2 p.m. each afternoon. For friends who dislike diving, they can go to the lake and watch winter fishing, experiencing the ancient and mysterious Shaman culture.
The sheep grass can be said to be a must-visit route to the northeast, because it is not easy to walk through the icy and snowy terrain, but the beautiful scenery along the way can always attract people. Only after completing the difficult journey can you reach the mountaintop and see the beautiful scenery of the snow village under the rising sun.

Wusong Island

The saying goes, "Look at the fog at night, the ice hanging in the morning, and enjoy the falling flowers when it's near noon." This describes the process of the formation of frost on trees, from none to full coverage. The reason why it's called Frost Island is because while others may encounter frost, it occurs here every day, making it highly worth a visit.

Mohe City

You can't reach the Arctic, you can't reach the Antarctic, but you can definitely come to Mohe. There are auroras there, which are indifferent to the Arctic and the Antarctic. Don't think that there is nothing else in Mohe except for the auroras. In fact, Mohe has many beautiful scenery, such as the 200 hectares of pristine wetlands in Jiuhuan Shiba Wan, the Ewenki Reindeer Tribe's experience of raising and training reindeer, and the filming of pure European-style wooden houses in Christmas Village.