How to take the most beautiful photos in Changbai Mountain? Here are four recommended photo spots

How to take beautiful photos in the snow? What are the most picturesque spots to take photos in Changbai Mountain? Check out this guide to find out.

Early morning shooting location: Changbai Mountain Magic World Scenic Area

Only a few dozen kilometers away from Changbai Mountain, the reason it is called "Magical Realm" is because of its stunning beauty, which creates an illusion of traveling through an ancient magical world. It is a perfect place for photography. It is best to go to the Magical Realm early in the morning for shooting if you love beautiful scenery, as the hoarfrost and ice can be illuminated by the red light. This kind of magical realm is truly extraordinary and even more beautiful than at other times.

Shooting location at noon: Erdao Baihe River

The Erdao Baihe River is located at the foot of Changbai Mountain, surrounded by many red pines and birches. It is best to visit in the morning when it is slightly cooler, or in the afternoon when the temperature is just right for the human body. The slanting sunlight is also more suitable for photography, and lying on the ground won't feel bone-chilling.

Afternoon shooting location: Lushuihe National Forest Park

The Lushuihe Forest Park is a national forest park located in the heartland of Changbai Mountain. The park consists of six major scenic areas: Songhai, Songyuan, Songjiang, Songlu, and drifting, integrating mountains, water, waterfalls, mist, and snow. If I have to describe the feeling of being here in one sentence, it would be "after traversing three hundred miles of wilderness, unexpectedly finding a paradise-like place."

Night shooting spot: Changbai Mountain Hot Springs

The hot springs in Changbai Mountain contain a large amount of hydrogen sulfide, calcium, magnesium and other substances. They give rise to mineral layers of red-brown, emerald green, deep purple, and golden yellow on the surrounding ash-gray volcanic rocks. Overall, it's like a natural landscape painting hanging between the great canyons. Being immersed in it is like being a part of the painting. Moreover, enjoying the view of the surrounding snow-covered scenery in the hot springs is a wonderful experience.