Five suitable family-friendly destinations around Guangdong: 1. Hong Kong 2. Macau 3. Shenzhen 4. Zhuhai 5. Xiamen

Sometimes I want to take my children out to play, but I don't know where to go. So, what are some good places for family self-driving trips around Guangdong? Today, I will recommend a few good places for family self-driving trips. Take your children there when you have time and enjoy the fun of being together!

A million sunflowers garden

Its geographical location is at the southernmost point of the estuary in Guangzhou, Panyu, Xinken Town. The total area is 260,000 square meters, including the Sunflower Garden, the first squirrel paradise with over 1,000 squirrels in China, as well as attractions such as Ant Kingdom and White Pigeon Square. It is the first park in China to use sunflowers as ornamental plants and design them into a super large-scale themed garden. There are one million sunflowers inside, with more than 20 varieties imported from Europe, Japan, and other places, including the precious sunflower variety favored by Dutch Impressionist painter Van Gogh, Van Gogh Sunflower. The sunflowers in the Sunflower Garden are scientifically controlled to bloom together in late April, forming a sea of ​​a million sunflowers, which is very spectacular. There are always 200,000 blooming sunflowers every day, and no matter when you visit, you will feel the magnificent view of the sunflower sea.
Covers an area of approximately 200,000 square meters, located on the golden coastline in the eastern part of Shenzhen, known as the "Oriental Hawaii" reputation of Xiaomeisha Beach. It features "Ten Pavilions and Three Gardens" and "Fourteen Special Programs" as the main display, with two unique selling points: one is the largest marine park showcasing polar animals in southern China, and the other is a "Sea, Land, and Air" stunt show, the largest in the Asia-Pacific region, lasting nearly 2 hours. Along the 8-kilometer route, there are also places such as China-UK Street, Mistik World Aircraft Carrier, Yantian Port, Yantian Seafood Street, and Dameisha Beach Tourist Area, which together form the most abundant domestic golden coastal tourist resort belt integrating marine economy, history, culture, science popularization, national defense, seaside leisure, shopping, and dining.

Zengcheng Baishuizhai

Famous for having the largest waterfall in mainland China, it is a great place for health, leisure, and getting back to nature. It allows children to broaden their horizons and enjoy themselves through mountain climbing and playing in water, release their original innocence in colorful paintings, and collect surprises in mountain climbing competitions. It is a festival that combines sports and fun, benefiting both physical and mental health. With the changing seasons, Baishuizhai presents picturesque scenery and ever-changing landscapes, making it the most popular leisure and mountaineering destination in Guangdong Province.

Guangzhou Ocean Aquarium

The main attractions include: underwater tunnel, deep-sea scenery, 18-meter long tropical coral tank, treasure tank, touch pool, freshwater world, koi pond, shark aquarium, sea lion park, etc., which open up the horizons of visitors and make them reluctant to leave. It showcases the underwater world in multiple areas including: Ocean Square, Relief Square, Underwater Tunnel, Deep-Sea Scenery, Seaweed Column, Treasure Window, Freshwater World, Rocky Coastline, Touch Pool, Turtle Pond, Penguin Pavilion, Shark Aquarium, Marine Science Hall, Marine Theater, Sea Lion Park, and other exhibition areas.
Unique streets, ancestral temples, traditional residences, and shops in the tourist park fully showcase the essence of Lingnan traditional culture. It has become a window for modern people to understand ancient Lingnan culture, a fertile ground for Lingnan locals to reminisce about their native culture, and a classroom for outsiders to learn about Lingnan culture in a short time, fulfilling the wish of countless tourists to learn about the ancient folk culture of Lingnan in just one day.