Canterbury Alpaca Farm Tour Guide

There is a group of cute-looking alpacas in the world, settled in a picturesque farm in New Zealand. Their thick wool gives you a solid touch, and their long necks paired with their curious expressions, happily strolling on the grass, who wouldn't love them?

Nawala Alpaca Ranch

New Zealand's largest alpaca farm, which breeds many alpacas, sheep, and herds of cows. Here, you can take a walk with the alpaca divine beasts. The high oxygen content in the pasture will make you intoxicated by the fragrance of the grass.
Wide lawns and gardens are located on the beautiful boundary of a stream. The farm sells lovely alpaca wool products, all of which come from the farm's fantastic beasts, where you can choose your favorite clothes for your family or yourself. There are also two cottages with exquisite interior decoration and outdoor barbecue areas.

Cornerstone Alpaca pasture

The farm offers Chinese language explanations specially prepared for Chinese guests, and the indoor area of the farm is open to tourists year-round, eliminating concerns about bad weather; The ranch is only an hour's drive from Auckland.

Danidin Alpaca Farm

The farm is situated in a suburb with beautiful outdoor scenery and sea views, which makes me wake up happy every day! The farm used to be a road for gold miners to go to Otago gold mine in the 1860s, and the stone walls here are full of historical flavor. We also offer high-quality handmade alpaca wool products, such as soft and warm scarves and hats, to accompany you through the cold winter days.