New Zealand parent-child trip, also a chance to encounter magical creatures

As a real-life Middle-earth, New Zealand, which has exhausted all the beautiful scenery in the world, has never lacked pilgrims from afar. You can invite some friends to go on a self-driving trip, talk and laugh together; you can also come here with your loved one to spend your honeymoon, hand in hand in the magical world, and indulge in each other in the beautiful scenery; of course, you can also bring your little one for a warm parent-child trip and open the door to his perception of this beautiful world.

Agrodome is located in a rural area not far from the center of Rotorua, offering a variety of fun rural experiences such as New Zealand's highest bungee jumping, sheep shearing performances, milking cows, tasting honey and fresh juices, as well as enjoying typical New Zealand rural scenery.

Matamata Town

Here is known as the "last pure land on earth" and has a complete preserved natural ecology. The boundless wilderness, rolling mountains, lush forests, and crystal clear lakes, these dreamlike scenery have made great movies and truly presented New Zealand as a real-life Middle-earth to the world. Walking with children on the road to find the magical world, enjoying the mountains, waters, and flowers, and also reliving the classic scenes from the movie, I believe both you and your children will fall in love with this place.

Waitomo Caves

This is one of the most magical attractions in New Zealand. Hidden under the caves is a breathtaking and magical world - the dreamy and enchanting glowworms, the varied shapes of the caves, and countless underground rivers and water caves together form an underground maze.

Omaru Penguin Homing Point

The nesting place of the Omaru penguin is located in Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand, where the world's smallest blue-eyed penguins can be found. Every dusk, flocks of blue-eyed penguins gather at the beach, waiting for the night to fall before waddling back to their nests in an adorable queue. Watching the penguins return to their nests with children is an educational and unforgettable journey that brings them closer to nature and teaches them about protecting wildlife.

Caderona Alpine Skiing Resort

This is the largest ski center in New Zealand, with the Southern Hemisphere's largest ski terrain park, and it is also a world-class skiing paradise for families to relax and have fun. Here, you and your children can experience world-class ski racing without any foundation and enjoy comprehensive skiing service facilities, as if you are at the top of the Southern Hemisphere's top snow mountain, which is unique in the world!

The Weird Labyrinth World of Vanaka

Here is the only theme park in the world filled with bizarre content. In the 3D hall, you and your children can enjoy the largest and most incredible 3D holographic images in the world. In the tilted room, your understanding of the concept of the horizon will be overturned. In the illusion room, you will witness amazing deformations and see how you can become a dwarf and a giant. In the giant maze, you will personally experience the world's most interesting and bizarre maze with your child, cultivate parent-child tacit understanding and your child's intelligence, and finally successfully walk out of the maze and experience the joy of success!