Xishuangbanna has 7 popular small eateries

Xishuangbanna is not only rich in ethnic diversity, but also has a wide variety of snacks. Here are 7 recommended snack shops that you must visit.

Old Pu'er Bean Soup

Local breakfast shop, cost-effective, 9 yuan for a meal to eat full.

Yang Yang Snacks

A must-try snack shop, the fish meat in the vegetable bun is fresh and fragrant, and the sauce is delicious.

Pu'er old brand Jinghong Lao Cang Pu'er vinegar rice noodle Man (Jinglan store)

Pure handmade production of vermicelli, with fresh and chewy texture, free tasting of the signature beauty vinegar.

Rare coconut frozen small roll powder

Coconut lovers should not miss out on the pure coconut juice, which has a delicate taste and texture.

Yun Wei Fang Free Range Chicken Rice Noodles

In the small shop next to Manchester Park, the environment is relatively clean, and the waitresses are beautiful and friendly. The open kitchen serves chicken rice noodles with generous portions of chicken, and the soup base is delicious.

Sour Dodo

Local recommended snack shop, good value for money, 4 yuan for a large bowl.

The first old brand of baojiang tofu in Shiping No. 4

At the night market, Shiping tofu is a must-try barbecue delicacy.