Explore the China-Myanmar border in Xishuangbanna

The China-Myanmar border is famous nationwide for its harmonious border, trade and commerce, and magical frontier. The border people of China and Myanmar have been friendly neighbors for generations, with a rich ethnic sentiment, unique religious sentiment, beautiful landscape sentiment, and deep brotherhood sentiment. Cross-border marriages, cross-border trade, cross-border shopping, cross-border education, cross-border tourism - there is constant interaction and no distinction between us.

Mengjing, welcome.

Mengjinglai Scenic Area takes peacocks as its theme, combining historical legends with reality. The scenic area will be built into a peacock homeland tourist area, carrying out border exploration and cross-border drifting adventures.
Daluo is a small town located in the southern border of Menghai County, Xishuangbanna. It is peaceful and tranquil, where one can experience traditional handicrafts such as sugar-making, brewing, paper-making, and pottery-making. Visitors can also experience exotic customs at the Daluo port.

Mo Han

Mohun is connected to the Laodeng Port in Laos, which is a type of port between China and Laos. Mohun is a small border town located in the southern part of China. In front of the Mohun Port, there is a "ASEAN Avenue," which is a well-known name. The products sold under the "China Duty-Free" sign are mostly daily necessities, and it is far from the hustle and bustle of the Zhongyuehe Port. However, this "ASEAN Avenue" is truly a convenient passage for China to reach ASEAN countries.

Daluo Port

Dali Port is an important border tourism and trade port in Yunnan Province. Since its establishment as a provincial port in 1991, with the support and care of relevant departments at the provincial and state levels, efforts have been made to scientifically and reasonably build Dali into a well-planned, fully functional, and well-equipped border port town integrating border trade and tourism, with distinct ethnic characteristics.
The park is nestled among mountains and water, with dense primitive forests and beautiful natural scenery. It combines comprehensive services such as tourism, dining, accommodation, entertainment, and shopping, making it a must-visit destination for vacationers in Xishuangbanna.

Boundary Monument Park

Jiebei Park is located in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. The park is small in size with a large number of rubber trees, maintaining its original forest state. The location of the Sino-Burmese border stone in the park is already within the territory of Myanmar, so entering Jiebei Park is considered as crossing into Myanmar. The pillars at the entrance of the park are marked with "strictly prohibited illegal passage" signs.