Xishuangbanna family-friendly hotel

Experiencing the tourist and gastronomic culture of Xishuangbanna, while also providing suitable accommodations for families with children, is essential.

Mekong River Jungle Lan Hotel in Xishuangbanna

A super large-scale comprehensive Dai Thai royal water-friendly resort hotel.

Xishuangbanna Siruiqi Art Hotel

The hotel showcases the charm of the ancient culture of the Dai ethnic group and modern art.

Jiasheng Huameida Plaza Hotel, Xishuangbanna

The hotel offers guests a unique and modernized stay from a completely new perspective.

InterContinental Xishuangbanna Resort

The prime location allows for strolling with children in the tropical rainforest garden.

Xishuangbanna Rongchuang Wanda Wenhua Villa Resort Hotel

The hotel is equipped with a private outdoor swimming pool and a tropical garden terrace, which is extremely luxurious.

Sheraton Xishuangbanna Hotel in Yunnan Province, China.

You can jump into the swimming pool and swim freely, and children can play in the park.