Special Dai cuisine in Xishuangbanna

The Dai ethnic group has its own language, writing system, and religious beliefs. Their cuisine is also unique, with a wide variety of dishes that are highly praised. Now let's take a look at the Dai-style Daiqing Restaurant.

Jundoli wild mushrooms.

The main deliciousness of mushrooms, all of which are very fresh, and the surrounding environment is also acceptable, which is very popular among local residents.

Dai Manor - Authentic Dai Flavor Restaurant

Pineapple rice is sweet and sour, sticky rice is sweet and glutinous, and grilled fish is quite delicious.

Dai Lou Garden Authentic Dai Flavor Restaurant

The Dai-style decoration is full of charm, and the authentic products are endless in taste.

Silnan Tea

The location is easy to find, right on the food street by the river, the hot pot tastes great and the portion is generous.

Jinghong Port Dai Family Food Park

Worth trying Dai cuisine, quite authentic. The environment is nice, with a small stage in the middle where the ceremony starts and beautiful Dai girls come to toast. The dishes taste authentic, such as pineapple rice, grilled meat, lemongrass grilled shrimp, all delicious.

Red Tooth Elephant·Dai Flavor Food Park

This is a Dai flavor restaurant jointly opened by three Dai sisters, located in a Dai bamboo building surrounded by tropical plants. It is a must-try for Dai ethnic cuisine such as grilled chicken, braised banana flower soup, sour fish stew, and raw beef salad.